House Capuchin Shield2For being really tired starting the week, and an event that wasn’t supposed to happen, this turned into something spectacular!

Yeah, Anja and Loren were both really wiped out from the Shrewsbury weekend demo and driving and then out to Coronet and back, twice for Loren during the weekend, was a lot of driving, but wow!

Oh, not that the House did a lot this week, but look at Saturday’s write-up to see why we’re all so happy!

This week the regular meetings should be on time. It’ll be nice to get back into the groove.

  • Herb Bunch – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 11am-1pm
  • Sewing Time – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 3-5pm
  • Project Day – At Ancient Light, Sundays, Noon to 6pm
  • Next Potluck – 10/21, 11/18, 12/16
  • Winter Feast Date is 2/17/19

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and various projects, original here:  and new one here: and number three is here:

Early Week – Writing up the report and unpacking started the week and then there was a flurry of activity trying to work out how to get Anja to Coronet and still get the potluck cookery done. Well, a lot had been put together over the last few weeks.

More pix showed up from Crown and a few more from Shrewsbury. That’s Anja in the food tent setting out the fig rennet cheese. >>>>>>

…and below demonstrating carving techniques to a fascinated small person… and look at the basket on his dad’s back! He’s had it for quite awhile, he says.


Anja had an Embellisher’s Guild meeting online on Wednesday evening. There’s a project to set up largesse for a presentation at 12th Night, online classes, report on the Crown meeting, online challenges, and a lot more.

Sewing – Was all on the collarband. After pecking at it all week, court on Saturday gave the best time to work on it.

Herbly things – We harvested a *lot* of plantain seed this week, intending to try it in a bread, which didn’t happen.

Coronet, Friday – Anja

…and then I couldn’t find my split rings and then I couldn’t find my tunic and then something else disappeared…. all the while Tempus was making bread. Eventually, I had enough pieces for the weekend, so I finished packing.

…and then he had to get oil for the car and our card got declined…. apparently compromised… and we were already 1/2 an hour past when I had to leave.

We finally got going at 6…. We had a nice drive, and it was only just getting dark once I was at the site. Summits Court happened fairly soon after, mostly officer changes. The Moon and the stars and planets were gorgeous, but I was getting awfully tired. Yseult, Emma and I left the site early enough that I was crawling into bed at 10pm. I slept pretty well, on a hide-a-bed with an air mattress on it.

Coronet, Saturday – Anja

This was a huge day! So much going on! So much happy!

Me, looking very fat and rumpled, working on my butter spreader.

I was up early, pretty excited about the day. I knew it was too early to disturb anyone else, so I browsed the library shelves (me and books, I swear….) and found a book on musical instruments and curled up with it for an hour or so. When Yseult knocked on the door I was so into the book that I actually yelped. 🙂 Quietly, thank goodness. 🙂 So, I got a shower and when I went out we had some breakfast of smoked steelhead from Market of Choice (really, really good!) and pear sauce that was made of pears so perfectly ripe that it was delicious with no sugar or spicing, just as is! That’s *good* pears!

Alan Bowyer

We headed out and picked up Emma on the way. Once on-site, we headed for the A&S pavilion and Yseult hurried off to meetings. It seemed like she never got a break from those, which I know isn’t true, but still…. Emma and I worked on set-up and Antonia once she was there and gradually we got things together. Alan brought some things and wandered through with a horn, at one point, honking it during Court, several times. 🙂 Taran brought her Cranach gown and the self-portrait that goes with it, among other things, and talked a lot about the styles and some of her work. Emma had some njalbinden displayed and spinning things. No fish helmet this time, though. 🙂 Antonia was painting a charter and making paints and such during the day. She got handed a bunch to work on, too. I know Louisa was working on something, but never did see what, most likely embroidery, since hers is lovely. I had my spoons and mostly finished the carving on the butter spreader and worked on the handle of one spoon. When my hands gave out, I got going on the collar band and then kept working on that during court.

I had a lot of fun giving out some of the coins that I got from Alpha Officium. Lots of them went to the fighters that I know for luck and others to various people that I know who’ve done cool things in the past. It was nice to be able to do that with something small, so that folks didn’t feel obligated, although Aelfgifu gave me one of her coins in exchange. I’m going to get Loren to make me a special box for that one. She looked better than she has in the past, although still a little dragged down, poor girl. I wish her health would improve and stay that way.

Spoons, display at the top, tools in the middle, in process at the bottom.

I got to waggle my Lion’s Strength belt at Finn, and give him a hug and thank you in person (and a coin. 🙂 …and to say hi to a lot of other people that I haven’t seen for awhile.

A&S was right on the eric, which was great, although Antonia missed the announcement about not crossing the space during the thrown weapons tourney… but they called “Hold!” in good time. No one’s weapons went into the net, in any case, but they were being very careful. It’s the first time I’ve seen Thrown Weapons out where you can see, rather than tucked behind and off to the side.

The Coronet tourney was beautiful to watch, as usual. Njal and Sif are the new Heirs!

Then, Court… omgs court! Iurii and I sat together and kibbitzed while I embroidered and Alys was on my other side inkle-weaving.


A lot of the things that happened were with officer changes and oaths and various awards for people that I mostly didn’t know. Some throne favors and barberries and such were given out, and of course, the Heirs sworn and the other awards from the tourney given. The auction stuff was announced and the pottery set that Their Highnesses are holding in the pic brought in something like $350,

the total coming up to over $1600 for the Travel Coronets Fund. Their Majesties giving 1st-timers some goodies and Her Majesty taking the children off to rummage through her treasure chest were two highlights of that part. Vesta was the grail-bearer and she is so very lovely and *so* dignified…until she gets out her pom-poms, of course. 🙂 The pompoms are how I recognized her during the evening court on Friday. Didn’t even see her behind the Thrones until I saw the pompoms! 🙂

Yseult’s Argent Crucible

Several kinds of bread and cookies went around during court because the potluck was scheduled for after dark. I had a piece of a yummy braided oat bread, choc chip cookies and then another bit of a honey/wheat bread as the platters were going around. It was just enough to hold everyone through a long court.

Yseult (our “Mama”) was awarded the Argent Crucible for research in the Sciences. So long deserved!

Alex (a young teen from Terra Pomeria) was given

The New Heirs Oath

a Leo Minor. Remembering the little kid who had so much trouble controlling himself, that was truly beautiful, and I got teary-eyed. He’s come *such* a very long way, and in the SCA we have ways of saying, “Well done!” that really stick!


The Order of the Laurel was called forward and then Their Majesties called Marya! She hopped up, dropped her cane and darned nearly danced around in a circle, dithering, which was utterly adorable, then her cane got put back into her hand and she was escorted to the front while Court was going absolutely nuts.

The populace reaction

Everyone was standing and clapping and screaming and jumping up and down. I’d guess they heard us in town! I was happy-crying again, more because of the joyous noise than even the recognition.

There was more business and then Their Majesties called Vesta forward. I think almost everyone expected another public thank you, and that’s what it started as, with her kneeling as they thanked her. Then the Herald asked the Order of


the Laurel to come forward again. Vesta’s shoulders jerked as though she’d been swatted as she realized what was about to happen. Talk about an ambush award! …and yes, both Marya and Vesta (and also Seamus from before at Crown and Gersvinda, from 3Mtns, who started in Glyn Dwfn) are vigilants for the Order of the Laurel! …and there was as much of a joyous noise as for Marya and as many folks jumping up and down and I absolutely *soaked* the front of my hood, with happy tears.

Marya and Vesta

Summits Laurel ranks are filling up, at last! It’s something that the folks in the apprentice group that I’m part of have been hoping and working for, since before we started the group. We’re getting there! and Marya is technically also 3M,


but… She’s ours.

Marya and Tryggr

So, so glad! My heart is full for my friends!

So court ended in hugs and more hugs and back-patting and a whole crowd around Marya and Vesta. It took awhile for me to get through to hug them, too. 🙂 Everyone was so very happy!

Antonia tote

Seamus’ vigil and elevation are going to be at 12th Night. No clue yet on Marya’s and Vesta’s, but I’ve offered my help to the folks who are putting them together.


After court, while it was still a little light, those of us who had been in the A&S tent started packing up our things. Antonia had done hers before court and taken off, if I remember correctly, but gradually the tables were cleared and things piled where they could be carted away. Antonia gave me one of her scrap totes and I love the lining!

The inside
The collarband. progress

Marion and I chatted during the interval before everyone started eating (I’ve been asking some questions of the Laurels) and then I asked my questions of Yseult, also. I hadn’t planned on eating at the potluck, not having brought anything, but I sat with the other folks in the pavilion as they were eating and we talked over the day and research projects and books and all. Marion brought some baklava and russian tea cakes that were for the celebrations for the vigilants (that she had known about… 🙂 ) over to the bunch of us in the A&S pavilion. I made a huge hole in the pile of the cakes (oops….not thinking…. just loving them….) and then got a couple of pieces of the baklava, which had been specially made for the non-dairy/non-nut crowd. It was made with sesame seeds and tasted a *lot* like halvah, but without the grainy texture. Since I love halvah… well, I ate too much of the sweets…


Progress – The handle is gradually taking shape

I had a longer wait than I expected and went to call Loren only to discover that the phone was dead, again. William went to charge it for me, but it’s too old a phone, so that didn’t work. Alys loaned me her phone to call and Loren finally answered once he was onsite. I couldn’t find him, but then he called back to say he was by Yseult’s car, which I *thought* I had checked at, but I found someone

Baywood butter spreader – Still very rough

else’s similar car. <sigh> Everyone helped me drag the stuff down there, which was wonderful, since I was hurting quite a bit from the rough ground by that point.

We hugged and said our goodbyes and headed home, talking the whole way over my day, his day and all the stuff that had happened. Both of us were ravenous by the time we hit Florence, so since A&S was already closed we went to McD’s, and then drove straight home, through some rather thick fog along the coast. The Heceta Head Light is shining again.

The blade is much smoother

Project Day – Sunday was a little on the “wow” side, with a lot to do, with unpacking and sorting out some stuff (and putting things back into the shop displays) and after that set up for potluck.

During the afternoon just as we sat down to work on some things, a lady came in who was interested in what we had to say about the SCA among other things.

End of day…

Anja spent several hours talking with her while working on her butter spreader.

We got the food together for the potluck and got pictures of it and ate, but Anja and Loren were the only ones there, so being tired, we got things put away and went home to bed.

Potluck Menu 

  • Beef Stew
  • Lentil Pottage
  • Four butters
    • Garlic
    • Double Garlic
    • Bacon/Blue
    • Italian Garlic
  • Bread (plain white)
  • Pickles
    • White Bean pickle
    • Asparagus pickle
    • black bean pickle
    • turnip and carrot pickle
    • ginger/cardamom pickled strawberries
    • Cabbage, Shallot and onion pickle

Miscellaneous pix

Music – European Renaissance music compilation mix (XV-XVI th century)




Loren, Anja, Amor (V), Gudrun (v)

divider black grey greek key

Largesse Item Count – (includes gifts, prizes, auction items, etc.)

  • ASXLVII = 24
  • ASXLVIII = 88
  • ASXLIX = 794
  • ASL = 2138
  • ASLI = 731
  • ASLII = 304
  • ASLIII – 56+19(8’s)+6(sil)=81 plus 25 pouches for block-printing, 25 unfinished pincushions, 1 sewing kit (except for bone needle), varnished stuff (124)
  • Total as a Household = 3739 handed off

moving writing pen motifIn ministerio autem Somnium! Anja, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin
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