Christian AG Brillantewas the one that came up with the idea to ask folks who are also bloggers to chime in. I snagged the list! This is in order as they showed up and I’ve added more here as more get added there.
…and on 1/20/21 Turnip of Terror revamped the list, bless him! 
  • 10th Century Byzantine – Kyria Anna Maleine’s Blog of Fun Recreating Byzantine History
  • 15thcenturyspinning – Using experimental archaeology to learn 15th century spinning techniques
  • A 14th Century Life – 14th century life in all of its facets. Current projects include fretwork veils, gardening, learning French, medieval manners, and painting medieval “selfies”
  • A Burgundian Book of Hours – I’m interested in armouring, history, fighting, early music, and brewing.
  • Aaradyn’s Brush – illumination and calligraphy
  • Adelheit’s Workshop – Dressing in the Reformation: 16th Century German Regional Dress
  • The Albums of Charric Van der Vliet Online – Arrangements, Historical and Whimsical, and a few Original Bits. Oldest efforts first, more practiced efforts at the bottom.
  • Aneleda Falconbridge – The Fyne and Nice Workes of Aneleda Falconbridge
  • Brass Lamp – Medieval Middle Eastern cookery
  • Carlys_sewing, Her Ladyship Francesca Carletti – My DIY blog for historical garments, Morris Minors, chickens, gardening, baking, and more!
  • Christine’s Compendium – A collection of curiosities, creative writing, aspirations and artistry
  • Clothing the Past – Recreating the clothing of other eras.
  • Costumer Support Department – Have you tried turning your draper off and back on again?
  • Craft Insanity – I see the world though they eyes of a crafter. I believe everything can be made better with a little modge podge and patterned paper. Come with me on a journey into my craft insanity.
  • Drake Oranwood -is a singer, songwriter, producer, lutenist, and medieval enthusiast who brings modern sensibilities to original songs set long ago and far away. He currently serves as Consort’s Bardic Champion for the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
  • Draughts are Deep – On a quest for the mead of wisdom
  • Early Sweden – Posament, Combs and all things Birka Sweden
  • El Ciervo Negre – A blog by Lady Elvira Violante Ballesteros of the East Kingdom. Member of House Strangewayes, located in the Shire of Quintavia. Focuses are mainly food, and garb from 1480-1515.
  • Eleanor Deyeson’s Workshop – I never met an artefact I didn’t like.
  • Eva’s historical costuming blog – A blog about historical costuming and the history of dress, mostly from the period 1000 to 1600, but with occasional excursions into the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Exploring the obscure – my SCA journey – This is a blog dedicated to sharing my research on the following topics: fragrances and cosmetics across Europe and Asia, from Bronze age to late 16th century and the culture of the 5th century CE Northern Wei  (the Xianbei) and the early 7th century CE Kingdom of Italy (the Langobards)
  • Fifty States of the SCA
  • Foxeholly – This is the SCA blog of Ki no Kotori. I reside in the Kingdom of Calontir.
  • Gaeira’s Anvil – My Arts & Science (A&S) projects and research.
  • Getting My Medieval On – My Journey Backwards 
  • House Aranmore – Proud Subjects of the East Realm of the Society for Creative Anachronism
  • Jay Palmer – A sample of free reading from Chivalry: Its Origins and Evolution
  • Journeying Out of the Empty Quarter – My endeavors as an equestrian and apprentice in the SCA
  • Just A Simple Warrior – A tailor, scribe and bard by trade, I travel all over our kingdom and beyond, enjoying my adventures in the Current Middle Ages.
  • Konstantia Kaloethina – just another byzantine blog
  • Lady Ysabel de la Oya – I’ve been doing SCA cooking for a few years now in Calontir and while I will not claim to know a lot, I do know that cooks like recipes.  I do for sure.  🙂 So I decided to make a page where I can publish the recipes I use.
  • The Lazy Reenactor Girl – So my hopes with this blog is to show that you don´t have to work with your costumes 24-7 to get a decent wardrobe of historical clothing! And hopefully it will spur me to make a bit more garb!
  • The Leather Notebook – an electronic version of the notebook in my haversack
  • Magistra Mara Palmer – My focus is in Calligraphy & Illumination. I have a particular interest in calligraphy and period materials & techniques. I have included some basic information I’ve gathered over time, though it is in constant progress. If you have any questions or comments on anything, I welcome them.
  • The making of Tórfa – ​My SCA Baronage Retirement Project – a Finnish Persona from the Skin Out
  • Matsukaze Workshops – My build logs, documentations, and research.
  • Misha’s Brewing – Homebrew, Homestead, History and How-to.
  • Nazirah’s Food – Posts about Indian food, Indian spices, the cooking hacks I’ve learned, and the fusion food that comes out of my home kitchen.
  • Noble Beauties – Medieval cosmetics, etc.
  • Novgorod to Three Mountains – I’m a medievalist currently into manuscript illumination, calligraphy, textiles, the fur trade, and onomastics, particularly as related to Novgorod, Russia.
  • Optimus Fortuna Domus – Welcome to the Optimus Fortuna Domus, the House of Best Fortune. Here you will find the work of Baronessa Calpurnia Fortunata, lady of the great Res Publica Romana.
  • Opus Elenae – The work of Elen verch Phellip
  • Orraca’s Herby Adventures – Adventures into the world of medieval herbalism
  • Pius Ponderings – A collection of research and resources from my interests in the Society for Creative Anachronism
  • Reconstructing Medieval Chinese Wine
  • Research Dumping Grounds – An easy-to-edit dumping place for my SCA research venues
  • Shannon of All Trades – This blog is intended not only as a showcase of my work, but as a living, breathing record of HOW these things are created. 
  • Silk Road Researching – Ongoing research blog for Qan Erdene Qadajin of the East Kingdom, SCA, a 14th century Mongol
  • Snorri’s House – This blog has been set up mostly to make pictures and information about my various medieval-ish arts and sciences projects available to anyone who wants them
  • Strawberry’s Blog spot – All sort of crafts and SCA projects, and sometimes dinner. it is a true goulash of things to do and eat.
  • Strings and Things
  • The Two Bears Codex – This blog has been developed to showcase varied works. My goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain others who are interested in similar fields of study as I have been inspired by them.
  • The Working Needle – Current projects and interesting bits found along the way
  • Xenia’s Medieval Miscellany – Random Information and Lots of Sources


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