This is a listing of various foods that have appeared at potlucks & feasts during 2018-2020. Each is followed by a link to the report where it shows up. Some have two links. The 2nd link is the location of the recipe.

Alcoholic Drinks


Cheeses & Dairy

Condiments & Sauces



Meats or Main



Pottages & Soups

Sides & Starches


Vegetables & Sallets

Mentioned in Reports

Alys – Doug’s beef stew, crusty you-bake bread (not *quite* as good as homemade, but close!), and a glass of 2 Towns Hard Cider. –

Isabeau – mushrooms –

Lisette Levine – Plum chutney stuffed breaded pork medallions with chipotle avocado slaw… and more chutney –

Louisa – sweet potatoes –  multi layered casserole dish –

Stella Blue- cabbage rolls –

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