House Capuchin sponsors workshops and special guests several times a year, when we can get folks to the coast. We also have a yearly feast in February and a monthly potluck.

No workshops are scheduled at the moment, but links are below for various ones that have been held in the past.


Links to Past Workshops 

rabbit-divLinks to Feasts and Potlucks – (more recent to oldest)

CE 2017, AS LI

CE 2016, AS LI

CE 2016, AS L

CE 2015, AS L

CE 2015, AS XLIX

CE 2014, AS XLIX

 CE 2013, AS XLVIII – Report Hogmany Feast 11-16-13 –

CE 2013, AS XLVII – Report Jacques de Molay Feast 4-14-13 –

…and more to come!

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