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Obviously this is only a prospective menu since the feast is virtual…

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Noon – Side table set up with hot spiced cider, hot water for tea/coffee, etc. (pictures here –

091717 Feast1
From top, l-r – Cookies, pickled ginger, butter, pickled cabbage, two kinds of olives, dumplings
  • Flat breads (birka) plus rye rolls and seed rolls
  • Bread from Birka –
  • Butters – regular, roast garlic, herb and onion, and honey
  • asst pickles and cheese (pickled beans mostly, in 4 flavors, pickled onions, pickled mushrooms)

1pm first hot dish

  • Hot crab (15th century)
  • Cacik (cucumbers with dill in sour cream)

2pm – Adding dishes of asst pickles (herring in wine, cucumber, asparagus, beet and egg) and cheeses including skyr.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Pickled eggs in the middle, from upper right….washed curds with garlic and dill, fig jam, butter, cheese, pickled beans, black olives, pickled brussels sprouts

3pm – Travelers porridge – Feast research talk –

4pm – Frumenty with greens & cheese Wheat Frumenty with Cheese – Trial run, recipe, process pix, comments.

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Main Dishes and Sides

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5pm Main feast – 1st course

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Lamb roll and savory handpies

Subtlety – The Longship – Filling test needs tweaking.

Mint Tea/Lemon Water

5:30 2nd course

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Chicken right, carrots left, stuffing below.

6pm 3rd course

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Cutting (or trying to) the pork roast which was cooked with the berry sauce and apples
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6:30pm Last course

011422 Frumenty9
Ready to serve.
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Take homes

  • hand pies of various sorts – Depending on what is available these are made of leftovers from previously cooked dishes. They mostly end up being meat and cheese, veg and cheese, or fruit.
  • Leftovers – These start being packaged in 2 TBSP cups (sauces) and 1 cup bags (soups, meats, sides, etc.) as soon as the dishes come back to the kitchen. Anyone who asked gets handed an assortment!

…and the leftovers soup!

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