The first set of mushroom wicks pix are yet to be found.

From 10/1/17

We also worked on how to make a spore print, how to ID mushrooms and that boletes can be used to make wicks for oil lamps.

On 10/4/18 we were offered a nice bolete (mushroom). Loren went to get it and Anja cut it up, and they put it into the dehydrator. Remember that we did this before with a different mushroom? So once this is done, we’ll pull pieces and try them in the lamps.



Setting up to dry

…and then we changed our minds and set up the dehdrator

After 1 hour, then 3 hours, then after 6  hours, and done at 8 1/2. Btw, it smells *horrible* in the dehydrator!

10/10/18 – The same folks who gifted us with the previous bolete brought in a whole bag of them! One was a King Bolete, but the others were Suillus tomentosus, Blue-staining Slippery Jack. Kinda gave us a turn to see the blue! The Suillus was full of little black jumpy bugs and the king full of white worms… ew… But we got them into the dehydrator as soon as we could. Not all fit. There were a couple of paper towels worth yet on the table….

10/11/18 – First was to finish the spore print.

Then to get the one set of mushrooms out of the dehydrator, then the 2nd.

So, there will be more to come on this project….

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In ministerio autem Somnium! Anja, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin
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