Date – Sunday 2/23/20, Noon to 8pm

Site – Seal Rock Garden Club building, 10377 NW Rand Street, Seal Rock Oregon

Theme – German Renaissance


Several sub-pages are going up, one on test dishes, one on feast food prep, and one for “reviews”. None of these are finished, but here is the next-to-final cookbook. All that it needs is pictures, at this point.

Cookbook 2020, Word – Cookbook 2020

Cookbook 2020, PDF – Cookbook 2020

11/1/19 – All 6 jars. The first two are the leftmost, then the Friday ones in the center. You can see a color change… and a texture change with the one in the front with the turnip. On the right is the tvarog and behind it is the brine used for topping up the jars. If you look *really* carefully, you can see liquid from the “spitting” that the jars do as they ferment.

2-1-20 – Over the course of this year we’ve delved pretty heavily into German Renaissance Food. At this point we have a pretty good menu and the cookbook is almost ready to use.

Invitations went out a couple of weeks ago and we’re getting responses back, now.

There’s a major shopping trip scheduled for 2/4 and we’re already into the pre-prep of things that can be made ahead and frozen.

We got our sauerkraut ready months ago!

This year’s menu – Not all of this is going to be served, especially if we’re under 30 people….

Day Menu


  • Regular
  • Dark rye pumpernickel
  • Rye caraway


  • Dill onion
  • Roasted garlic
  • Raw garlic
  • Bacon Blue
  • Honey Butter


  • Bean
  • Mushroom
  • Asparagus
  • Eggs
  • beet

cheese & spreads

  • tvarog
  • sweet almond cheese
  • savory almond cheese
  • potted cheese
  • cubes of miscellaneous cheese – Butterkase, Emmental, Camembert, havarti and goat’s milk chevre

1pm Hot dish – Girdle Cakes (James) Cereal and Legume Girdle Breads (4 batches, batch is 5 cakes each cake in ¼’s)

  • wheat, pea flour
  • barley, pea flour
  • oat flour, pea flour
  • wheat, chickpea flour
  • barley, chickpea flour
  • oat flour, chickpea flour

2pm– Apple and cherry puffs (Anja)

3pm hot dish – French toast with pear filling(Louisa)

5pm – Hall re-set

Feast Menu

5:30 pm soups

  • Leek – Anja’s version of the Leek soup for a Fat Day
  • Aptel suppe
  • Chicken/Barley/Mushroom – Quick Chicken and Mushroom soup

5:50 – Main course – Pork Roast w/spaetzel, cherry sauce, apple compote and hot kraut

  • Pork Roast– Recipes from descriptions and Le Viandier
  • Onion sauce
  • Cherry sauce
  • Apple compote
  • Jager gravy
  • Spätzle – (traditional German)
  • How To Make Sauerkraut | Easy And Homemade – Easy to make homemade sauerkraut. (served hot)

6:10 – Main course – Lemon Chicken w carrots & parsnips in butter sauce and kaldes kraut

6:30pm – Main course – Weiner schnitzel (pork/veal/chicken) with cucumber salad

  • Authentic Wiener Schnitzel Recipe – By Jennifer McGavin – Updated 06/03/19 –
  • Cucummern – Cucumber Salad – Rumpoldt
  • Beet Sauce (redacted from Rumpolt)

6:50 – Main course – Bieroks and onion pie with mustards and cauldes kraut.

  • Bierok (Runza)
  • Homemade Hot Wine Mustard
  • German Mustard
  • Onion pie –

7:10 –Sweet Table – subtleties first, then roll out the table.


  • Basic Marzipan – vanilla and beet
  • Shortbread  – Chess boards and cookies – cocoa powder added to chess board “black” squares
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 Shortbread – recipe by Anja –

*** – Cookie

  • Lebkuchen –
  • Springerle – Authentic German Springerle  – Author: Kimberly Killebrew –
  • Pfeffernusse
  • Ginger nuts – GINGER NUTS – Mine

*** Cake/Tart

  • Louisa’s pear and plum tarts
  • Cherry tart
  • Marzipan Shortbread
  • Shrewsbury Cakes
  • Seed cakes

*** – Tiny cups

  • Sugar-Preserved Strawberries & raspberries
  • Fig pudding
  • Apple Compote – Apple Muse

This year’s invitation

House Capuchin’s Winter Feast will be held on Sunday, February 23 at the Seal Rock Garden Club building, 10377 NW Rand Street, Seal Rock Oregon. All are invited, you only need to request to be put on the admittance list (so we can figue out how much food to buy!) and please bring friends!

This year’s theme is German Renaissance foods. The feast is free, although we’re hoping for donations to help cover costs, but not setting a specific amount.

The site opens at Noon and there will be food and drink and entertainment available all day (yes, lunch…), with the feast to begin at 5pm (bring your feast gear…). The site closes at 8pm, although if you want to stay later and help with cleanup it would make the staff very happy.

There is a solar, so bring your crafts (and we can shift more tables, if needed). Estella and Wilhelm will be providing music, along with the electronic bards for when flesh and blood are tired or need to eat. We’re hoping for at least two storytellers, and possibly a dance or two. There will also be a discussion of the food research that happens during the hall re-set for the feast, iow at about 4:15 or so.

There is a list of places to stay near the site (and at winter rates!), since House Capuchin’s main base is a tourist area.

So please come in garb, if you have it, to play, eat and enjoy!

Not an official SCA event!

House Capuchin is based in the Principality of the Summits, southwestern Terra Pomeria (mka South Lincoln County) directly west of Couer de Val. Households are not official groups of the SCA, but most of us are members.


Reminder 1/31 – I need RSVP’s by 2/3. That’s Monday! We’re doing the major shopping on Tuesday and need a count so we know about how much to get!

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