This is a WiP. To some extent it’s a dumping ground at the moment, and not organized. It’ll get better.

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Typing up some recipes with notes…I’ll post the links here. Ok, re-setting this to. “Tried and have our own recipe and process pix”, “Tried, pix”, “In Process”, “Not Tried, yet”.

Tried and have our own recipe and process pix

Not Tried, yet

  1. Boar Stew – [not tried, yet]
  2. Angelica Flavored Vegetarian Porridge – [not tried, yet]
  3. Bread from Birka – [not tried, yet]
  4. Wheat Frumenty with Cheese – [not tried, yet]
  5. Bread in a Bag – [not tried, yet]
  6. Skyr – We’ve purchased some [AEM recipe not tried, yet]
  7. Poached halibut – [not tried, yet]
  8. Hazelnut Treats – [not tried, yet]

Possible but not typed up, yet.

  • Salmon on Turnip Stew
  • Traditional Cheese
  • Malt Patties

Maybe, maybe not

  • Alu Laker – Sauce for smoked meat
  • Buttered Turnip
  • Traveler’s Porridge
  • Ryebread with smoked barley
  • Goose Stew
  • Turnips and

Not planning on, either because of alcohol, unavailable ingredients, equipment or “ick” factor.

  • Norse Stockfish
  • Cooking Pit Goat
  • Royal Horse Broth
  • Spit-roast heart
  • Rose Hip Mead
  • Kettle Worms
  • Steamed Mussels with Fennel and Leek
  • Oysters baked on Embers
  • Simmered Mackerel
  • Alenog
  • Ember-baked Turnips
  • Herring and Oats
  • Calf’s Tongue
  • Baked Marrow

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