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From Bog Myrtle to Hops: Ethnobotanical fragments from the history of Nordic beer brewing –

This is the first of three articles about a feast that Volker Bach and friends did in May of 22. Speculative Viking Feasting (Part One) Find the links to the other two at the top of the pages. –


Tried and have our own recipes and process pix – [note – we are using modern equipment, so’s not to handicap ourselves prepping food for 50!]

Not Tried, yet

  1. Boar Stew – [not tried, yet]
  2. Angelica Flavored Vegetarian Porridge – [not tried, yet]
  3. Skyr – We’ve purchased some [AEM recipe not tried, yet]
  4. Poached halibut – [not tried, yet]
  5. Hazelnut Treats – [not tried, yet]

Possible but not typed up, yet.

  • Salmon on Turnip Stew
  • Traditional Cheese
  • Malt Patties

Maybe, maybe not

  • Alu Laker – Sauce for smoked meat
  • Buttered Turnips
  • Traveler’s Porridge
  • Ryebread with smoked barley
  • Goose Stew
  • Turnips and Salmon stew

Not planning on, either because of alcohol, unavailable ingredients, equipment or “ick” factor.

  • Norse Stockfish
  • Cooking Pit Goat
  • Royal Horse Broth
  • Spit-roast heart
  • Rose Hip Mead
  • Kettle Worms
  • Steamed Mussels with Fennel and Leek
  • Oysters baked on Embers
  • Simmered Mackerel
  • Alenog
  • Ember-baked Turnips
  • Herring and Oats
  • Calf’s Tongue
  • Baked Marrow

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