Pix of plated foods from feasts, private or group and potlucks.

Estella – My humble Saturday respite: Cooked hen’s flesh, pressed and sliced… one of her offspring boiled, pickled and halved on a bed of boiled grain… fermented cow’s milk curds… Havarti, a Danish cheese… flatbread seasoned with olive oil and rosemary, and Anja’s pickled long beans, so good I saved the brine! All washed down with a goblet of non-fermented dried plum juice.

021222 Stella feast

Isabeau – “The feast gear is packed away. And ignore most of the veggie tray. Lol”

021322 Isabeau

Anja/Loren plates

Anja – Lots of plates

Anja – Oh, this was a tasty meal!

091717 Feast2
Plate clockwise from top – Pickled cabbage, cheese “dumpling”, pickled ginger, egg dumpling, beef, root veg

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