Omgs, I need to tell you a funny story from Egil’s a couple of decades ago!

I was merchanting and the lane/strip all of us were on was long and straight and had a hill in the middle of it.

I heard a commotion, (mostly sounding like laughter), from the far side of the hill and then 3 gentlemen wearing sneakers, lime-washed (probably A&D ointment!) hair, blue paint and smiles came over the top.

Someone started singing the theme song for the Smurfs, and with grins on their faces they grabbed hands and started *skipping* with all their equipment swinging in the breeze!

…and then my 4-year-old, in the loud voices that children use when trying to get Mama’s attention said, “Mama, those are BIG Smurfs! and everyone just roared, including the 3 guys, who staggered around, laughing and smacking each other’s backs. 🙂


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