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Links to get the feel and general info

Clothing Gallery – Books, Pix (click to open pix to size)

The Klappenrock: A Viking warrior’s Coat From 10th C Haithabu –

Some patterns thanks to Claire

Viking Garb Class by Libby Brooks

Viking Age head-coverings –

Rectangular Construction by Leora the Red – Barony of Terra Pomaria – Leora the Red teaches “Rectangular Construction”. Learn this great tool for making and designing dresses, tunics, and coats. With measurements and a little imagination you will soon we making amazing clothing for your next event!


An excellent cutting layout for a woman’s undertunic! Process pix and instructions can be found at

Viking Undertunic Layout


Feet! 10th c Jorvik Shoes: How to Look Good From the Ankle Down – Elewys of Finchingefeld – Make a simple pair of turn shoes on a limited budget! I guess I didn’t mention it, but I think I spent less than $25 for all the stuff I need for these shoes; this included my share of a $40 piece of leather, a couple of tools, and some thread.

From making the pattern, sewing, and dyeing the leather, I walk you through my process of making my first pair of medieval shoes, dating from the 10th century, York, England. It was found in the Coppergate excavation. Many thanks to my shoe instructor, HL Athelyna of Oldenfeld, and my foot supermodel, HL Aenor de Pessac.




Isle of Man Viking brooches go on display for first time –


PDF’s – We’re not sure what the attribution is on these! Please don’t violate their copyright. SCA use only, non-commercial, educational…..

Viking trousers handout scan 1


viking apron-dress



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