• Anja – ‘Crat
  • Hall fee sponsor – Ancient Light
  • Date – Sun, 2/17
  • Theme – France 1400’s – Le Viandier de Tallivent and Le Menagier de Paris
  • Site – Seal Rock Garden Club Building, 103770 NW Rand St, Seal Rock, Oregon.
  • Site Fee – Free or donation.
  • Bring feast gear, projects for the afternoon, and an appetite!

What a feast! We had 18/23 people and fed everyone very, very well! This was a seven-course feast based on the period books, Le Viandier de Tallivent and Le Menagier de Paris, although there were dishes from other manuscripts from the same era and a few that just fit or had been requested. We dropped a few dishes at the last minute as people dropped out, but the ingredients had already been purchased.

We had planned the feast costing us $16 per person, counting what we paid for the hall, and we were given $133 in donations, plus $125 from House members (other than Loren and Anja) toward the food, which covered the cost of the hall, plus about 1/3 of the food costs. (yes, it should have come out close to equal, but we had expected 30-35 people, even a week before the feast….)

Anja did not keep track of how much the test dishes cost this year, since they were served at the potlucks during the year or were privately consumed.

There are some interesting speculations floating around about next year’s possible Feast. We’ll let you know how those pan out, or don’t. One includes a “sous-chef” so that Anja isn’t trying to do all the cooking. Another includes a co-sponsor by an SCA branch.


Cookbook – Is up on this page! There are both PDF and Word versions. 

Please keep scrolling for information, menu, directions, maps, schedule, etc!!!!!

Plan on bringing feast gear (a couple of bowls, a couple of drinking vessels and at least one plate) wearing garb (if you can) and bringing projects, games and an appetite!

There will be leftovers. Bring containers if you’d like some. (Ziplocs, Gladware) Some of the sweets are specifically intended for the ride home!

We’re in the final week of prep for the feast. About 1/2 the pre-feast cookery is finished. The rest will be done by Thursday evening, some baking on Saturday and then the big feast on Sunday!

Various pre-prep dishes can be found here: https://housecapuchin3.wordpress.com/portfolio/activities-through-2-10-19/

Invite can be found here :   https://wp.me/P8ngGY-230a

Cookbook will be posted here by 2/11 so you can check for allergies. https://wp.me/P8ngGY-23b

Directions – From any direction, find your way to Pacific Coast Highway, Highway 101 (from Eugene this is take Rt.126, then head north, from Corvallis, take Rt.34 and head north, or Rt.20 and head south, from Salem, take 18 and head south)

Seal Rock is at about mile marker 150 on Pacific Coast Highway. It is a 2 1/2 mile strip of a town along the highway.

Look for Grebe Street in the middle of town on the east side of the highway (landmarks: Hauser Gallery, Heartsong glass)

Turn east onto Grebe Street and left almost immediately, onto Rand Street, in front of the fire station.

The Seal Rocks Garden Club building is the 2nd building. There will be a banner.
103770 NW Rand St.

If you need to offload or have limited mobility, go beyond the fire station and turn left across the back of it (onto Ray Street) and drive to the end to park. If you can, please re-park after off-loading as the feast cooks may need that space.


Immediate Feast site – 103770 NW Rand St

Seal Rock related to Waldport/Newport on Highway 101

Seal Rock related to Salem to Eugene on I-5


  • Noon – Hall opens
  • Noon-4:30 – Projects, Games, Music, Songs, Stories, food….lots of food
  • 4:30 – Table re-set and put out your feast gear.
  • 5-7pm – Feast in 7 courses
  • 7-8pm – Nibbles, clean-up and goodbyes
  • 8pm – Hall closes. We have until midnight to finish clean-up.

Semi-solid Feast Menu (Contact us for special needs foods!) This menu is subject to change as things get added or dropped because of how many people will be attending, but all the recipes will still be in the cookbook.

On Tables – 1 bread, 1 cheese (potted cheese? Tvarog?), honey butter, 3 pickles, jam

1pm – Hot sausage rolls (Maybe hot cheese-wrapped olives….)

2pm – More bread, garlic butter, add a pickle

3pm – Fried Cheese and pickled cabbage

4pm – Add a pickle

5pm 1st Course – Soups (Sauces will be placed on tables either after the dish is served or right at the end of this course – Sauce Bob, Garlic cameline sauce, mustard sauce, ginger jance)

  • Applade Ryalle
  • Cassia Soup
  • Green Bruet – egg and cheese soup.

5:302nd Course –

  • Subtlety – Poulaille Farcie (head table) (some extra chicken will be done in this sauce)
  • Golden Dragon eggs (everyone)
  • Red Dragon eggs (swimming sausage)
  • Cumin Almond Chicken (everyone) Sauce
  • Green salad
  • Lemon water

6pm – 3rd Course

  • Pork with Tallivent onion sauce
  • Strawberry sekanajbin

6:30pm – 4th Course

  • Poached Fresh Tuna with Yellow Sauce from Feast at Talmont
  • Parry of Pesoun
  • Sweet Tisane

6:45 – 5th Course

  • Mushroom pies, egg pies, or veg/cheese tarts

7pm – 6th Course

  • Golden Toasts
  • Blanc Mange
  • Mint water

7:30 – 7th course – Nibbles set out for snacking, after, or to take home

  • Spiced nuts
  • Persian Boobs
  • Baked Marzipan
  • Seed cakes

Test dishes

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