What’s a Viking without a sword! A first subtlety! Especially for those who say, “I can’t cook!”

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Pretzel swords made from pretzel rods, giant gummy lifesavers, and melting chocolate  – These are pretty easy. I’ve written out the directions as completely as I can for someone who has never done something like this, complete with (current to 1//2/22) links to products, so you can see what you’re looking for.


  • Fairly flat plate
  • Microwavable bowl or glass measuring cup, 1 qt.
  • Waxed paper, bakers’ parchment or aluminum foil
  • Stirrer


  1. Lay everything out so you can see what you’re doing.
  2. Spread your waxed paper/foil out on the table for a drying surface.
  3. Examine the pretzel rods and set aside any that are cracked. (Cook’s privilege! 🙂 )
  4. Read the instructions on the candy melt bag carefully, twice, and set things out in that order….
  5. As per instructions, nuke the candy melts and stir.
  6. Run the plate under hot water and dry.
  7. Pour liquid melts into the plate and quickly start rolling one end of the pretzel rods in the melt. Do this by setting the end that you want uncovered on the edge of the plate with the long part in/on the “melt” and twist between your fingers until that end is covered.
  8. Set on the drying surface and quickly do as many as you can before the melts harden.
  9. If you’re not done, pry the melts from the plate back into the bowl and re-melt. Stir well then repeat from 5-8.
  10. If they’re taking longer to harden up than you like you can set them in the fridge for 15 minutes or the freezer for 5.
  11. Warm the gummy in your hands and gently slide it onto the pretzel rod until it covers the join between the melts and the bare rod.
  12. Let cool and store air-tight.

PDF version –

Pretzel swords made from pretzel rods

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