Kingdoms of the Known World in order of founding

…and links to the Dance Challenge, Glow and other fun videos from the Plague Times

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(page still under construction because they’re still being made!)

All of us!

Dancing Queens!

SCA College of Arms

The West Kingdom 

West Kingdom – Glow up

The Kingdom of the East 

East Kingdom – Dance-Off – Eye of the Tyger


East Kingdom Ethereal Court 5/3?/20

The Middle Kingdom 

Well, the Mid-Realm took up the Challenge!

The Kingdom of Atenveldt

Go Atenveldt!

The Kingdom of Meridies 

Yay, Meridies!

The Kingdom of Caid 

Here comes Caid! Dance-off I’m Still Standing.

The Kingdom of Ansteorra 

Ansteorra – Jailhouse Rock

The Kingdom of Atlantia 

Atlantian Glow Up – Hymn of the High Seas


The Kingdom of An Tir

AnTir! AnTir! AnTir! Dance-off Better When I’m Dancing!

Women of An Tir

The Kingdom of Calontir

The Kingdom of Trimaris


…and they get weirder! Trimaris (Star Wars, Our House and Never Gonna Give You Up)

The Kingdom of the Outlands

The Kingdom of Drachenwald 

Glam Shot!

Greetings from the social media officer.
We have received a message from their Majesties of Drachenwald about the search for a cure for the plague.
Drachenwald social media officer

The Kingdom of Artemisia

Artemisia – Dance-off Gangnam Style!

The Kingdom of Æthelmearc

…and Aethelmarc!


The Kingdom of Ealdormere


The Kingdom of Lochac

The Kingdom of Northshield


The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann 


The Kingdom of Avacal 

Other Groups

The Original Challenge was issued by the Order of the Black Knights in early April of 2020.

…and yay for the folks in this one! Not a dance-off.

Stromgard – Twist and Shout

THe Principality of Nordmark!

…and the outtakes….chasing the cat!

The Barony of Blatha an Oir!

…and they get cabin fever…

Shire of Forth Castle – Uptown Funk

Free Company of Anglesey!

…and still weirder! ….this one really made me laugh, though…. the beard…. 🙂 CUC challenge

This is from the Viking Meadhall.

Had to include this! La Mesnie des Leus du Val De Loyre & Rougeborgne entertainment (2014)

The Search for the Cure – Drachenwald

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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