There are a series of questions here, some of which are about this feast and some about things that will affect future feasts. Please answer and add any other comments in the comments form and let me know there whether you would like them published or not. You can also copy/paste the questions and e-mail your answers to There are two sets of questions. You don’t have to do both, just pick which format works better for you….comments or numbers. *Any* input is appreciated!

I also want to say that the way everyone turned to and helped out with dishes and serving was marvelous and much appreciated!

What did you think of each dish named? On a scale of 1-10. Low is bad. High is good. If you don’t remember the dish or didn’t try it, just put an N.

Day Menu

  • Breads
  • Potted cheese
  • Tvarog
  • Flavored butters,
  • Hot sausage rolls, (served)
  • pickled egg
  • Fried Cheese (served)
  • Pickled Asparagus
  • Dilly Beans
  • Pickled Chickpeas
  • Pickled beans
  • Carrot, Turnip and Jicama pickle
  • Watermelon pickle
  • Strawberry pickle
  • Pickled onion (either on their own or in with another pickle)

Feast Menu

1st Course – Soups (Sauces will be placed on tables either after the dish is served or right at the end of this course – Sauce Bob, Garlic cameline sauce, mustard sauce, ginger jance)

  • Applade Ryalle
  • Cassia Soup
  • Green Bruet – egg and cheese soup.

2nd Course – Chicken & Sausage, The Dragon

  • Subtlety – Poulaille Farcie
  • Golden Dragon eggs (everyone)
  • Cumin Almond Chicken Sauce
  • Lemon water

3rd Course – Pork

  • Pork with Tallivent onion sauce
  • Honey/Ginger Carrots
  • Green salad
  • Strawberry sekanjabin

4th Course – Fish

  • Poached Fresh Tuna with Yellow Sauce from Feast at Talmont
  • Parry of Pesoun

5th Course – Tarts

  • Mushroom tart
  • Egg & Cheese Pies
  • Une Faire Tourte

6th Course – Sweets

  • Tailliz
  • Mint water

7th course – Nibbles – set out for snacking, after, or to take home

  • Persian Boobs
  • Spiced nuts
  • Marzipan cookies

How much of the day did you spend at the event?

What other activities would you suggest for the afternoon? What did you enjoy or could do without?

What did you think of the entertainment and should it be added to?

Were the snacks during the afternoon adequate?

Were there any that you particularly liked and would like to see again?

What did you think of the hall set-up for the feast, proper? Is there anything we should change about it?

In general, did you get enough to eat at the feast?

Was the interval between dishes/courses too long? too short? Or about right?

What was your favorite dish? Which did you like least?

What did you think of the soups? Which did you prefer or not?

How about the dragon, the dragon eggs and the cumin almond chicken?

I’m pretty sure the pork was enjoyed because it all vanished…. but how about the onion sauce that went with it?

What did you think of the fish and sauce?

How about the pies/tarts? (There were 3: mushroom, veg/cheese and egg/cheese)

…and what of the other sauces that were presented? Did you try them? What with?

How about the two vegetable dishes (the peas and the carrot/ginger dish, plus salad)

By the time the sweets were coming around did you have any room or did you take them home?

Did you nab any other leftovers?

Any other comments?

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