For awhile now, with not really meeting in person, activity has dropped. Some people just keep going. Some are finding other things since they’re at a distance. Gudrun has been playing with inks & pens. Amor is working on staying warm (he’s been stationed in Fairbanks), Sasha is worrying over COVID, since several co-workers fell ill. Gogor has been doing some 18th-century cooking. Sabrina has a new loom and made a lovely shawl. Herbs should start back up next week, we hope. Sewing has been all mundanes.

Thistle and hawkweed grubbed up

Project Day is now open for in-person meet-ups as well as in the Virtual Realm! Potluck this month will be Virtual and Real-World! Herbs Workshop and Sewing are ongoing. Masks required. When will the rest of these open up in person? We’ll keep right on with the virtual ones side-by-side with the actual. 

  • Herb Bunch – At Ancient Light, Thursdays, 7am-9pm, doing incense
  • Herb Workshop, In the Garden – Irregularly scheduled. Please ask to join the facebook chat!
  • Sewing Time – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 3-5pm
  • Project Day – At Ancient Light, Sundays, 1 to 5pm
  • Cheese and Wine happens irregularly, usually announced with little notice on our Facebook group.
  • Next Potluck – 1/16
  • Winter Feast LVI, Norse Theme. Page here – More pages coming!

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and various projects, original here:  and new one here: and number three is here:

Misc – 

Last week we featured the pictures. This week we have the blog post! – Making the medieval bath


Their Royal Majesties, Sven and Rauokinn, King and Queen of An Tir, announce an Ethereal Court on February 5, 2022 at 4 pm. Watch this page for more:

University of Atlantia – University Session #109-2/5 – February 5, 2022 to February 6, 2022 – Kingdom of Atlantia (online) Location: University of Atlantia website: Student Registration is now open, from January 3rd until midnight February 2nd, 2022, for the University of Atlantia’s Winter Session!!!

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2022 AT 4 PM – 6 PM – Silk Painters Zoom – Please join me for the 1st silk painters zoom session for 2022. Sunday February 27, 2022 from 4PM-6PM PST (7-9PM EST, 6-8PM Central). We will be talking all things silk and banner making. Please join if you want to learn more about silk painting or are an experienced silk painter. We welcome all knowledge and want to share the joy of painting silk flags!

SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 2022 AT 9 AM – Summits Arts & Science and Bardic – Event by Principality of the Summit – Scottish Rite Center Klamath Falls (In-person and virtual!)
Come join Their Alpine Highnesses as the new Alpine Scholar and Bardic Champion.

March 11-13th, 2022 The West Coast Culinary Symposium is coming to Caid. It is a full weekend up at a Camp Wrightwood of culinary classes, hands on workshops, lectures and all things food (and drink). People from all parts of the Knowne World, from beginners to advanced cooks, travel to enjoy being around like-minded foodies and to geek out about historical cooking. All are welcome and encouraged to come and enjoy the event! Registration for this event is currently happening with early registration discounts up until January 3rd, 2022. All those that are wanting to either reserve a bed for the weekend or day trip, need to please register in advance. Registration link to Google Form: you are wanting more details and updates on this event, please check out the FB event and add yourself to it as interested. FB Event link: Hope to see you all there!

MAR 25 AT 3 PM – MAR 27 AT 12 PM – Spring Coronet AS 56 – Event by Barony of Terra Pomaria, Principality of the Summits and 2 others – 5605 Jubilee Dr SE Turner, OR 97392
Join us for Principality of The Summits’ March Coronet, hosted by the Barony of Terra Pomaria in the central Willamette Valley in Oregon, ten minutes from I-5! In addition to the Coronet Tourney, we will also be having The Summits’ Cut & Thrust Championship to determine the Kapitan Serebra Tigra (Captain of the Silver Tiger).
Pre-registration is required to attend the event, and you can choose to pay online with PayPal, or pay at gate by cash or check. Bunks will be available, as well as full RV hook-ups! Watch the Kingdom event page or this Facebook event for updated information as the event draws closer, and we hope to see you there!
Adult weekend: $25, Adult day trip: $15, Minors (under 18): Free *SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above. Bunks/RV spots (with hookups)/Camping will be $15 per person.

SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2022 AT 9 AM – 7 PM – Adiantum’s Birthday Bash – 82002 Lost Creek Rd, Dexter, OR 97431-9783, United States
Adiantum’s Baronial Birthday celebration, Archery, Rapier, Cut & Thrust, and Arts & Sciences Championships, Sergentry Trials, and Court. This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted.

Classes – 

THE DARNLEY OR LENNOX JEWEL | famous Stuart jewels | famous royal women | Royal jewels documentary – History Calling – The DARNLEY or LENNOX JEWEL is one of the most famous Stuart jewels in the Royal Collection of the United Kingdom, commissioned by one of the most famous royal women of the 16th century. In this royal jewels documentary from History Calling, we’ll decode the many layers of meaning in this spectacular, heart-shaped, gem-studded locket and look at the life of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox, the lady who had it created, most likely during the 1570s. We’ll see how the jewel betrayed her dynastic hopes for her family, especially her grandson, James VI of Scotland/James I of England, whose father, Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley, was the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots. Margaret believed she and her descendants had a better claim to the English throne than Elizabeth I (who she viewed as illegitimate) and spent years plotting how she might see her family take the crown. Sadly for her, her schemes led to misery and death for many members of her family. Lord Darnley may have been the King Consort of Scotland, but this didn’t save him from being murdered in 1567 and when his father later became regent for the infant James VI, he too was killed in 1571. In fact, the jewel functions as a mememto mori (a reminder of death) to remember the life of Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox (Margaret’s husband and Lord Darnley’s father). Variously called either the Darnley Jewel, or the Lennox jewel in recognition of the family’s titles, it is now housed in Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, where it is on show alongside countless other objects connected with the Scottish royal family of the 1500s and their English cousins. Please enjoy this video on one of the most famous royal Stuart jewels around.

Who Were The First Vikings? | The Vikings | Chronicle – Chronicle – Medieval History Documentaries – They were bloodthirsty Scandinavian warriors and fine craftsmen. They opened trade routes, founded cities and captured ancient hubs. The Saxons of England feared them but mocked their careful grooming habits. In short, they were pirates with style. But who were the first Vikings and did they actually originate much earlier than we originally thought? – This five-part series follows the Vikings everywhere they went, revealing new discoveries that turn Viking history on its head. We tell their incredible story from eye-witness accounts and the foremost experts on Viking warfare and way of life.

The Jacquerie Revolt with Justine Firnhaber-Baker – Medievalists – A decade after The Black Death, French peasants rose up suddenly against the nobility in an unprecedented and remarkably coordinated revolt. This week, Danièle speaks with Dr. Justine Firnhäber-Baker about the rebellion that shocked the elites of Europe: the Jacquerie.
Justine Firnhaber-Baker is a Senior Lecturer at the University of St Andrews, where she focuses her research on France between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. Justine’s latest book is The Jacquerie of 1358: A French Peasants’ Revolt, published by Oxford University Press.

WAS HENRY VIII A BRAIN DAMAGED KING? | Henry VIII’s jousting accidents | Tudors | History Calling – History Calling – Was HENRY VIII a BRAIN DAMAGED King? There have long been theories that Henry VIII’s jousting accidents (which occurred during his 30s and 40s), caused a traumatic brain injury, which in turn led to alterations in his personality and may therefore be held partly responsible for his decision to execute two wives and bevy of other relations and courtiers during the final 11 years of his life. In particular, an accident on 24 January 1536 has drawn much attention, when the King was said by one source to have been knocked unconscious for two hours. In this History Calling video, we’ll travel back to Tudor England to look at the life of Henry VIII, one of England’s most infamous monarchs. We’ll examine the evidence that the King was injured badly enough by his falls to be brain damaged, consider whether his personality underwent a sudden and dramatic change and look at what modern doctors and historians have to say about his diagnosis. Is this good King gone bad really a misunderstood historical figure, battling a life changing head injury? Let’s find out in this Tudor history documentary.

Dracula: Medieval Myth Or Historical Figure? | Search For Dracula | Chronicle – Chronicle – Medieval History Documentaries – Visions of “Dracula” have haunted mythology and popular culture for centuries. But did he ever actually exist? This documentary hunts down his supposed real-life inspiration Vlad Tepes, or Vlad The Impaler, a celebrated 15th century Romanian prince.

Early Week – Anja was starting a new set of bookmarks, getting ends onto the ribband. She started one with a really nice pattern and darned if it didn’t end up with a mistake that had to be cut out!

Cookery – A dish of “buttered wortes” got made for supper one night, but we didn’t take any pictures. Mostly it was some leftover spinach and re-grown veg tops: beet, parsnip, turnip and leek. There were a couple of leaves of dandelion and plantain, as well. A stalk of lemongrass went into chicken, too.


Feeding a Templar Knight – Tasting History with Max Miller

Sewing – Got a stack of embroiderable bookmark blanks ready and started working on one as referenced above, then started a 2nd, which also ended up with a mistake! Thankfully, the 2nd picked out quickly and got worked on during project day.

Sundials, etc. – 

Building a Medieval House

Lime Washing experiments – the walls of the workshop. – Sven Skildbiter – Lime Washing experiments – the walls of the workshop. –

Surface: concrete render on brink.
Using hydrated lime, 250g of lime to 1 litre of water, on 5 test areas, with a 6th area as control. So each test area recieved increasing number of coats (i.e. area 1 got 1 coat, area 2 got 2 coats, etc. etc.).
Two areas on the east wall recieved 5 coats, on the left there was no wetting down before lime washing, while on the right the area was damped down before each coat. Note: there was a temperature differential of between 5 – 10 C between the unwashed sections and the lime washed.
Thanks to Morgan for filming and editing the video.

Herb Bunch – Tending went on all week in the garden, since it was dry. It’s a good time to clip out old growth and find weeds that are hiding at the very base of the plants. Many of the weeds start to sprout around this time of year, and pulling them when small is much easier than it will be even a month from now.

Project Day – The day was quiet. Loren worked on bookmarks while Anja was embroidering at her desk. She ended up in a Moneyers class at 4pm. That will get the link posted when TP puts it up on Youtube.

Isabeau PM’d that she’s working on napkins and has 4 done, already!

Helen Louise posted. “Finished a new blouse for spring, a hat for my Elizabethan spring attire and a new linen shift…”

Arlys posted. “My projects today-finishing a prototype baronial necklace and continuing to work on a tiny book cover.”

Feast Planning – Normally, this week would start the frantic cooking for the feast, but with it being only online, it’s not. We’re setting up to have the classes recorded, so they can be posted on the Feast page.

Miscellaneous pix

MusicSchiarazula Marazula – Vittorio Grisolia – Brano registrato nel1991 dai Sicut Leo. Vittorio Grisolia: viella, flauti, cromorni. Marco Casiraghi: ribeca, cornamusa, flauti. Beppe Animosi: salterio, flauti, cromorni. Adelio Ponzoni: flauti, cromorni, percussioni. Dario Benatti: liuto, flauti, cromorni. [Song recorded in 1991 by Sicut Leo. Vittorio Grisolia: viella, flutes, cromorni. Marco Casiraghi: rebec, bagpipes, flutes. Beppe Animosi: psaltery, flutes, cromorni. Adelio Ponzoni: flutes, cromorni, percussion. Dario Benatti: lute, flutes, cromorni.]

𝔗𝔯𝔬𝔲𝔟𝔞𝔡𝔬𝔲𝔯𝔰, 𝔗𝔯𝔬𝔲𝔳𝔢𝔯𝔢𝔰 – Studio Der Frühen Musik, Thomas Binkley, Nigel Rogers, Sterling Jones – 𝔐𝔲𝔰𝔦𝔠𝔞 𝔐𝔢𝔡𝔦𝔢𝔳𝔞𝔩𝔢 – Ensemble: Studio Der Frühen Musik – Album: Troubadours & Trouveres
Video: Roman de la Rose MS. 1560 –
It’s a shame, I was convinced that I had already shared with you this wonderful Studio Der Frühen Musik album directed by Thomas Binkley, one of my favorite records and instead I realized that I had not yet done so.

The disc is dedicated half to the Trouveres, poets and singers of Northern France and half to the Trobadours, poets and singers from a wider area that included Spain, southern France and northern Italy.
The interpretations are splendid, simple and very reliable from a historical point of view.
Sadly in these days the great tenor Nigel Rogers, historical collaborator of Binkley and also present in this recording, passed away.
This video is therefore dedicated to his memory, and knowing that his voice and his research have defeated even death is a decidedly consoling thought.
Chansons Der Troubadours
1 Baron De Mon Dan Covit – Peire Vidal
2 Leu Chansonet’ E Vil – Giraut De Bornelh
3 Saltarello – Anonymous
4 Can Vei Lauzeta Mover – Bernart de Ventadorn
5 Veris Ad Imperia – Anonymous
6 A L’Entrada Del Temps Clar – Anonymous
7 Kalenda Maia – Raimbaut De Vaqueiras
8 A Chanter M’Er De So Qu’ Eu No Volria – Comtessa de Dia
Chanson Der Trouvères
9 Retrowange Novelle – Jacques de Cambrai
10 Chanterai Por Mon Coraige – Guiot De Dijon
11 Lasse, Pour Quoi Refusai – Anonymous
12 De Moi Doleros Vos Chant – Gillebert De Berneville
13 Biaus M’Est Estez – Gace Brulé
14 Trop Est Mes Maris Jalos – Etienne de Meaux
15 Li Joliz Temps d’Estey – Anonymous
Conductor, Flute, Dulcian, Lute, Tambourine, Chitarrone, Psaltery – Thomas Binkley
Tenor Vocals – Nigel Rogers
Mezzo-soprano Vocals, Organ, Psaltery, Harp – Andrea von Ramm
Vielle, Lira, Rebec – Sterling Jones
Vielle – Johannes Fink
Vielle, Lira – Alice Robbins
Chitarrone, Lute, Tambourine – Hopkinson Smith
Countertenor Vocals – Richard Levitt
Flute – Max Hecker
Percussion – David Fallows
Shawm – Robert Eliscu

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Video Links

Second Month of Viking – vikinghomecompanion – This is a parody of the Yoopers song Second Week of Deer Camp 2. The Yoopers are one of the inspirations for my Viking Home Companion songs and stories. In fact I modeled my story telling accent after them, and am often asked if I am from Upper Michigan when I tell my stories. 🙂

The Perfectly Preserved Roman Town Hidden In Wales | Time Team | Odyssey – Odyssey – Ancient History Documentaries – Britain’s best-preserved Roman town; but there are still unexplored pockets. Neil wants to find some Roman retail outlets, but Mick is more interested in medieval remains. Louise Revell describes existing features, including the basilica and the central forum where political debates would have taken place. Geophysics suggests a full-scale Roman villa on the site.


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Largesse, Gifts and Auction items
·       ASXLVIII = 88
·         ASXLIX = 794
·         ASL = 2138
·         ASLI = 731
·         ASLII = 304
·         ASLIII = 146
·         ASLIV & ASLV = 230
·         ASLVI = 177 plus 4 puppets, 4 powder fort, 8 cheese spice and 9 powder douce packets, 1 kiss-lock pouch, 10 tiny bobs, 7 pincushions, 3 pins, 3 snip case w/snips, 23lucet cords, 25 pouches for block-printing, 2 medium pouch, 4 small pouches, 12 bookmarkers, 14 unfinished pincushions, 1 sewing kit (except for bone needle), varnished stuff (124), 2 emery strawberries, 1 woolen spool-knit cord, 48 key bottle openers, 4 dishcloths
Total as a Household = 4238 handed off

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