Things are a little frantic again for Loren and Anja. Even though their store doesn’t do much for the holidays, they have to be ready for them and they’re still trying to catch up from summer. That’s why this is so late coming out! Well, that and a day-long internet outage from a cut fiber-optic cable… Incense workshop is going well and they had an extra “processing day” during the week for herbs, so those at least are getting caught up. Sewing was just mundanes. Potluck was good. We’ve two more dishes to add to the test ones and updated a couple more.


There’s no Herbs Workshop this week due to the holiday, but Friday afternoon we’re going to have a cutting out session in the afternoon at the shop.

Project Day is now open for in-person meet-ups as well as in the Virtual Realm! Potluck this month will be Virtual and Real-World! Herbs Workshop and Sewing are ongoing. Masks required. When will the rest of these open up in person? We’ll keep right on with the virtual ones side-by-side with the actual. 

Finished and 3/4 finished bookmarks.
  • Herb Bunch – At Ancient Light, Thursdays, 7am-9pm, doing incense
  • Herb Workshop, In the Garden – Irregularly scheduled. Please ask to join the facebook chat!
  • Sewing Time – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 3-5pm
  • Project Day – At Ancient Light, Sundays, 1 to 5pm
  • Cheese and Wine happens irregularly, usually announced with little notice on our Facebook group.
  • Next Potluck – 11/21, 12/19, 1/16
  • Winter Feast LVI, Norse Theme. Page here – More pages coming!

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and various projects, original here:  and new one here: and number three is here:

Misc – Just ‘cuz. I had no idea!

Shuffling a medieval deck of cards! – The Creative Contessa – Some medieval decks of cards were not square, but rather ovular, like these. And here is how to shuffle them!


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2021 AT 10 AM – 8 PMSummits Winter Investiture – Event by Principality of the SummitsShire of Coeur du Val and Jacob Sanchez, Philomath Scout Lodge, – Good people of An Tir, join our Alpine Highnesses Kenric and Dagmar as they bestow the Summit Coronets unto their heirs, Viscount Luciano Foscari and Signora Tessina Felice Gianfigliazzi. To the rapier fighters of the Summits, bring your courage and steel for the tournament that decides who will stand with Their Alpine Highnesses as their Captain of Cats.

JAN 7, 2022 AT 2 PM – JAN 9, 2022 AT 12 PMAn Tir 12th Night 2022 – DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport – Tickets – We welcome An Tir and the Known World to the celebration of our Crown and Kingdom. This grand celebration will be hosted by the Baronies of Wyewood and Madrone, on January 7th-9th, 2022 at the Double Tree by Hilton at Seattle Airport.
We are pleased to announce that room reservations are now open for An Tir 12th Night 2022. This grand celebration will be hosted by the baronies of Wyewood and Madrone, on January 7th-9th, at the Double Tree by Hilton at Seattle Airport. Our room rates are available for the 6th and 10th as well should you opt for a longer stay. The parking cost is contracted to be 50% off their daily rate, which at one time was $32 but may change before our event, thus an additional cost of $16/day per vehicle parked. Please understand this is an airport hotel, that dictates the parking market. You may reserve online with this link: may also reserve by phone. Please call toll free (800) 222-8733. Reference the group code: SCR, or the group name: SCA 12th Night

SATURDAY, JANUARY 15, 2022, 9AM–7PM – Adiantum Mid-Winter’s Feast – The Long Tom Grange – Event by Barony of Adiantum and Nái Martyn
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook
Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Naible Martyn
Event site: Long Tom Grange, 25823 Ferguson Junction City, OR 97448
This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.
Join their Excellencies of Adiantum for a Midwinter Feast & Revel. It has been a long dark winter, but we are in this together. Let there be light, laughter, music and revelry.
All attendees will either show proof of full vaccination or show proof of testing within 72 hours of the activities pursuant to the Society’s Policy dated September 25, 2021.
“Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

Dance Vids – Barriera (Renaissance Dance) – LuteandTheorbo – La Barriera by Cesare Negri – Recorded in Huysburg (2011)

Classes – 

The Doomed Romance Of Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn | The Lovers Who Changed History | Chronicle – Chronicle – Medieval History Documentaries – Dr Suzannah Lipscomb unfolds the extraordinary story of the tumultuous love affair between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and asks: was it really love that brought them together – and was it love that tore them apart? Part 1 of 2.

Henry & Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History – Part 2 of 2 (British History Documentary) | Timeline – Timeline – World History Documentaries – They are two of history’s most talked about figures, but how much do we really know about the ill-fated lovers? What were their real characters and motives? Why did one of them lose their head? And how did their actions change the course of history forever?

Early Week – Nothing much going other than embroidery.

The peas that showed up on Monday.

Cookery – This is potluck week, but some of the ingredients were hard to come by, since one set arrived as an empty envelope…. the replacement showed up on 11/22 😦 . So, some things were purchased on Friday and then cooked over the next couple of days. A lot of chopping and prep, including soaking the peas happened on Saturday and then we started in on Sunday, getting things rolling. Pictures are below in the Potluck section.

The 5,000-Year Secret History of the Watermelon


Making Mincemeat Out of It: Medieval and Tudor Mincemeat Pies

Recipe Failed, But it Tasted Great! – Herb Pudding From The 1700’s – Townsends – I sat there with a grin on my face with him complaining that it didn’t work, but I coulda told him that right when he put the oatmeal in. This is a descendent of the oat and greens pottage that I make. The intervening step is to take the cold oat pottage and boil it in a cloth to re-heat it, so if you’re going to start from the ingredients instead you have to soak that oatmeal until it’s almost liquid! Kinda fun to groan over someone else’s didn’t-get-it, instead of my own! 🙂 Of course, now watch me mess up the boiled bread. 🙂

Ancient Babylonian Lamb Stew – Tasting History with Max Miller

12 – Las Criadillas de Abril para mi, las de Mayo para mi Amo – Fogones en la Historia – Receta de criadillas de tierra con huevos revueltos del siglo XVII (12 – The April Criadillas for me, the May ones for my Master – Stoves in History – Recipe for land criadillas with scrambled eggs from the 17th century)

Sewing – Another bookmark got finished during the week and a 2nd got most of the way on Saturday.

Finished and 3/4 finished bookmarks.

Unique Viking textiles found in woman’s grave –

Sundials, etc. – 

Fitting a New Axe Handle – Hand Tools – Townsends Wilderness Homestead – Townsends

Herb Bunch – We had a “processing day” on Tuesday, separated leaves from twigs, powdering some, bagging up for storage….

The full box. There are about 30 gallon zips in there, some with more, some with less, but all labelled and prepped.

Thursday was on incense again.

Linda’s incense sticks: sandalwood and black copal in a toh-makko base. No gum arabic added, as a test to compare with similar sticks with gum arabic. Medium was just water and they dried overnight. 

Project Day – …ended up all cooking. Loren had some mundane chores to tend to and Anja was talking with various people online, (and embroidering) but we were the only ones there! A few people chimed in later.

Isabeau – We spent the day delivering a vehicle to a “customer”/ household member after finishing the repairs. They happen to live in newport. Oh darn, road trip.

Arlys – I don’t feel so bad now. Uh, guess what I forgot….

The full meal

Potluck – We had our nibbles, starting at around 5pm. We were waiting for the peas, which got done around 6:30 and the lauchsmutz took another 1/2 hour, but they we ate until we nearly popped! Just a spoonful of each dish was a gracious plenty after the nibble.

Feast Planning – The peas in a bag and the bread in a bag were the test recipes this week. We’re going to have to make proper bags to do these for the feast…. and also get a couple of large kettles or something. …and then the peas took to long….well, that’s why this is a test, so the bread dough got put into the fridge and the lauschmutz started.

Potluck Menu


  • Black olives
  • Potted cheese
  • Bread roll




The full meal


  • roasted stuffed chicken (bot. rt.)
  • Lauchsmutz (top rt.)
  • peas in a bag (top lft)
  • bread in a bag (didn’t get there)
  • sweet sour cabbage (lft plt top rt)
  • tiny sweet carrots (lft plt bot.)


  • comfits
  • 100’s of 1000’s.



In tripot, stuffing on bottom, white meat left, dark meat right.

Roasted chicken –

Yups. Done!

Peas in a bag –





Plus one page got updated because the pictures hadn’t gotten added. Wild Leaf Herb and Cheese Pottage –

Miscellaneous pix

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman – I saw this today posted on Instagram by festivio_medioevo and just look at those two candles twisted together! Two wicks! Amazing! 1485-1495 Nativity.

Music – Orchesographie, 1589. Thoinot Arbeau – Alberto Sosa – Florilegio Ensemble

  • Branle De La “Haye”
  • Branle Des “Lavandieres”
  • Volte
  • Suite: “Hermites”, “Sabots”, “Chevaulx”
  • Base Dance — “Iouyssance Vous Donneray”
  • Tourdion — a) (Arbeau); b) (P Attaignant)
  • Suite: “Si I’ayme Ou Mon”, “I’aymerois Mieulx Dormir Seulette”
  • Suite: “Charlotte”, “Adrian”
  • Branle “Cassandre”
  • Branle D’ “Escosse”
  • Branle De La “Torche”
  • Allemande
  • Pavana — “Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie”
  • Suite: “La Traditora Ma Fa Morire”, “Anthoinette”
  • Branle De La “Montarde”
  • Branle De L’ “Official”
  • Branle De “La Guerre”
  • Suite: Double, Simple, Gay, Bourgogne
  • Gavotte
  • Les Bouffons
  • Pavana De Spagna
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download.png


Fragment of lost 12th-century epic poem found in another book’s binding

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download.png

Video & Podcast Links

Were the Cathars even real? – Medievalists – The Cathars are one of the most well-known heresies in medieval Europe. But how much do we know about them? In this episode of the Medieval Grad Podcast, Lucie Laumonier interviews Jean-Paul Rehr about the mythical Cathars and a peculiar inquisition record drafted near Toulouse in the thirteenth century. Show notes –

How to live like a monk, with Danièle Cybulskie – Medievalists – Can medieval monastic practices, with their emphasis on a healthy soul, mind, and body, inspire us to live fuller lives today? This week, Danièle is the guest as she talks about her new book How to Live Like a Monk: Medieval Wisdom for Modern Life.


divider black grey greek key

Largesse, Gifts and Auction items
·       ASXLVIII = 88
·         ASXLIX = 794
·         ASL = 2138
·         ASLI = 731
·         ASLII = 304
·         ASLIII = 146
·         ASLIV & ASLV = 230
·         ASLVI = 177 plus 4 puppets, 4 powder fort, 8 cheese spice and 9 powder douce packets, 1 kiss-lock pouch, 10 tiny bobs, 7 pincushions, 3 pins, 3 snip case w/snips, lucet cords, 25 pouches for block-printing, 2 medium pouch, 4 small pouches, 12 bookmarkers, 14 unfinished pincushions, 1 sewing kit (except for bone needle), varnished stuff (124), 2 emery strawberries, 1 woolen spool-knit cord, 48 key bottle openers
Total as a Household = 4238 handed off

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