There was a lot that got done this week, but nothing that showed much for newsletter use. A lot of mundane considerations are hitting people who work retail (which is about 1/2 of us) since the holiday season is ramping up. Anja and Loren also took a large stock delivery this week, which is eating their time.

So there’s some stuff below, but right at the top, one thing I want to call to your notice. The SCA periodically has “flaps” needing more or less attention. This one has been a little nasty, (no, I’m not going into details) but what has come out of it are some statements by knights who really get it. Durin is one of those. Please read his rather long rant/statement/call to action below.

Meetings are on time this week with the addition of the Thanksgiving meal that Loren and Anja are offering to House Members.

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Read this. Yes, it’s long. No, it doesn’t have the details of the current “flap”. What it *does* have is some eyes-open ways to sort the problem! (Used with specific permission from Durin, since I had to cut and paste. Original with comments may be found on his wall.)

Chris Howerton – Durin –

Feelings, Special edition post.

I didn’t do a feelings post friday. (and honestly, by the time I finish typing this it will probably be sunday)
I had a lot of feelings friday. Most of them were negative. not in a “I’m down” way. but angry and disappointed.
I would like to say that I am extremely Proud of a few people who have spoken reasonably, compassionately, and quite brilliantly, in the face of such bold toxicity.

this feelings post is gonna be a bit different.

there was this post.

you know the one I mean.

yeah. that one.

I read both the original post in the EDI group, and the re-posting in the knights group. and ALL the comments on both threads.
and I was……angry.
Then I got drunk.
Then I started thinking,
Then today I went shooting.
We blew some shit up.

Now I’m gonna blow some different shit up.
I thought about this all night and most of today.
I’ll start by saying I have no real issue with the original post.
I know it got some people ruffled.
The post does read a bit as if it was intended to start a fight, yes.
but then, as I have said in a couple of comments now.
there is a reason we burn things to clean them.

this fight needs to happen.
its past due.
and anyone who is willing to get involved is welcome.

We have a problem.
And it’s not going to magically go away.
we will not, CAN not, go back to the old ways. no matter how much some people want it.
the “old “ways were wrong.

Todays young people are no longer willing to accept things as they have been.
They expect better.
People expect to be treated as people. And they will no longer accept abuse in any form.
And YES there are a ton of behaviors out there that are abusive.
don’t bother to argue it.
Abuse is abuse. no argument will change that.
And I don’t want to hear that tired old crap about “that’s how I was raised”.
I’m not denying that. I KNOW it’s how many of us were raised.
I was too.

I’m 50 years old.
I have some pretty damned outdated shit in my head.
Habits that are really hard to get over. But see, the thing is, I KNOW that.
And I’m actually trying to break them.
Don’t think of it as “that.s how I was raised”. Think of it as ” I have 40+ years of social conditioning to re set.
You know another term for social conditioning? Brain washing.
stew on that.
Just because its what you were taught, doesn’t make it right.
Brain washing is really hard to remove.
But its not impossible.
I have a lot of younger friends who are far more progressive thinking than me.
They are very good at pointing out behaviors that are not ok.
And I try not to become a defensive ass about it.
I accept that I have flaws.
And I accept that I have old, toxic, ideals in my head, (brain washing) that i need, and WANT to change.
So I work on it. Why?
Because I actually want to be a decent human being.
There is no excuse to be abusive to another person. EVER.
If you disagree with that, then you are the problem.
Change, or go die in a fire.
I won’t be nice about it anymore.
I’ve had far to many friends and loved ones who have been abused by people who felt justified in their behavior.
It took me far to long IMHO to join this fight.
About two years ago, someone I love and adore, was abused by a peer. A PEER!
And yes, I lost my shit over it.
I vowed to her that I was NEVER going to let that happen to her again!
That vow spread to include all my friends, and then to anyone.
Abuse is not ok.
Don’t be like that.
I’ll state this to everyone.
Hi, My name is Durin Oldenmoor Tjorkilskin. Viscount of the Summits, Knight of An-Tir, and master of the Pelican.
MKA Chris Howerton.
If you feel unsafe, I will help you.
If you are being abused, I will protect you.
If you need help, come to me.
I’m a peer. it’s literally my job!
That is exactly how I see it.
Peerage is not an award.
All of the peerages.
ALL of them.
When I got knighted, I accepted a job. that’s why they put you on vigil. To decide if you really want that responsibility.
It’s a position of authority that comes with some serious expectations.
You are not just there to train other fighters. (Every fighter can and should do that. and frankly, if you are getting knighted, you had better have been doing that for a while.)
A peer has exactly two responsibilities.
1) Make sure that other peers come after you.
2) Be a peer. ( there is that job thing)
Ok, back to addressing that post.
Lets look at the first paragraph.
“I’m not a fighter of any kind, so my observations of the fighter community is that of an outsider. So please correct my perceptions if your better knowledge contradicts them.”
So here at the start, the poster admits they are not a fighter and are just stating perceptions as observed. And then invites input.
Perceptions are a thing people.
People see what they see. they build an impression.
if they make an observation and then ask for input, provide your input.
don’t be a dick.
( Again my hat’s off to those who provided positive input. thank you for being real knights.)
The poster observed that heavy fighting appears to be a male dominated sport.
answer? well, yeah, that’s mostly true.
I don’t really see it so mush as male dominated, as maybe mostly male populated.
most heavy fighters are male. yes.
Heavy fighting is an extremely aggressive, violent, physical, Martial art.
and yes, far more men are the personality type to enjoy that.
Again i think that has a bit to do with that “the old ways” thing. girls are taught from a young age to not take part in rough sports like football and hockey etc.
another aspect of our “social conditioning” “brain washing” that is beginning to change.
Girls can (and do) do it too.
There are female Knights, and even self made female royal peers.
you don’t have to be a boy to be good at this.
mostly you just have to be willing to train for years and love the game.
it’s like this.
if i want to be a knight, or a phd, or first chair trumpet in the Boston philharmonic orchestra, they will all take time, dedication, years of study, an openness to learn from others, and a love of what i do.
Also heavy fighting hurts a lot.
so you cant mind some pain.
Gender has little to do with it so much as desire and conditioning. (physical and social)
its really about the same on the Rapier and C&T fields as well.
But I also admit that the percentage of female fighters on those fields is growing faster than the heavy.
I like the word fighter. its gender neutral.
its just a person who takes part in our mid-evil combat.
you strap on armor of whatever type, and pick up a sword, and you are a fighter.
and i wish everyone saw it that way.
i respect skill, dedication, and love of the game. gender is irrelevant.
i fight both heavy and Rapier(and soon C&T) I’ve only been really serious about rapier for a couple of years now. I’m not terrible. I’m not anywhere close to MoD level skill. But I don’t suck either.
I know some pretty bad ass female fencers. who can hand me my ass just as fast as some of the female heavy fighters I know. Knights and unbelts.
good is good. period.
Some people are dedicated enough to overcome some serious obstacles in their drive to fight.
example, the current Princess of Summits. She has only been playing\fighting for four years. and despite a chronic illness that causes random autonomic problems, constant pain, and joint issues. As well as fighting off hand due to an injury in her first year, STILL manages to stomp the absolute piss out of me every time i face her on the field.
I’m off topic again arn’t I
Ok. post part two.
“PLQ requirements for knights seem to be lower than that of the other peerages..”
ok. well, personally, as a knight since 2003 and a pelican since 2017, i am going to take umbrage at this statement.
im not saying its wrong.
but my obvious bias will keep me from saying much beyond this.
Remember, peers are created by the crown.
many kings are not Pelicans, or Laurels, or MoDs, (yes I know some are) but almost all kings are generally knights.
and every knight has different ideas of what makes a knight. So yeah i’ll hazard to say that the idea of the PLQs of knighthood depend a great deal on the ideals of a particular crown.
thats not really a bad thing. does it mean that occasionally a bit of a dick becomes a knight? yeah I’m sure it does. so then on the next point. “I’ve seen knights, Kings, and former kings, behave in toxic manners at a higher rate than other peers.”
I both agree and dissagree with this statement.
its a double edged sword.
Generally if you are good enough to get knighted and even win a Crown tournament, you are probably an A type personality. (not trying to justify any behavior. just stating a fact)
these are the types that generally are driven enough to do the kind of training required to achieve that level.
so the important thing here is those first two words. “I’ve seen”
you have seen them.
everyone sees them.
they are arguably the most visible people in the entire SCA. so when one of them acts like a dick, EVERYONE sees it.
And tha’ts the back edge of that sword. We ARE the most visible.
we are the most visible of the peerages.
WE as knights have to always remember that. (and no, I’m not by any means perfect at this)
It’s that job 2 thing, Be a Peer.
This brings me to the big question in that post. (the one that caused most of the fighting.)
“So…..What is the order of the Chivalry doing to combat toxic masculinity in fighter culture?”
(deep breath)
here goes.
I hope I can make my point properly here.
I’ve edited this part about 25 times.
First, I know what the term is meant to state, but I’m not sure I really like the term “toxic masculinity”
I know what it’s meant to convey, but I’m not sure it’s quite correct.
The toxic part is right enough. But masculinity, like femininity is not really a behavior as such.
but I also don’t really have a better term. so I will keep using it for now.
Toxic behavior is a bit to broad a term. there are lots of toxic behaviors. but this is regarding the shitty way male society treats women.
It’s not general masculinity so much as the male entitled “I can do what I want” attitude.
And THAT’S the problem right there.
People tend to “do what they want” sometimes regardless of how it affects another.
I want to do what I want too.
but my freedom to do what I want ends at the point where it affects your freedom.
there is always a line.
don’t be a dick.
Social conditioning.
brain washing.
Men treat women like shit.
Yeah, Yeah Yeah. Not All MEN…. blah blah.
that’s not the point.
We know there are men who don’t.
We really do.
The point is, there are far to many who DO.
Men have dominated women and treated them badly for………… well.
as long as there has been men and women.
It’s been what? like 400,000 years or so?
400,000 years of “social conditioning”
and it’s still not ok.
not ever. not for one second.
And again, “thats the way i was raised” is not an excuse.
We are not animals.
We are not neanderthals.
We think. Therefore we are.
We have reasoning abilities.
We must be better.
Adapt or perish.
We as men, must be better.
We as peers, must be better.
We as knights, should be better.
its in our oath.
When we see toxic behavior, call it to task.
It’s our job.
Do you remember your oath of Knighthood? I do.
any peer. Do you remember your oath?
if not, go read it.
I still like to think that my SCA is a better place than the world at large.
But look around. that isn’t hard these days.
The SCA is not perfect. And we cant look at it through rose colored glasses.
and we cant ignore bad behavior.
we can’t cover it up. We can’t excuse it. We can’t accept it.
We need to do better.
It’s our job to make the world a better place.
I try to be a good person.
Sometimes I fall down.
I get up again. I keep trying.
I’m male. I’m a man.
I’m a knight.
I’m a peer.
So it’s my job to stand up and say, Men have abused women for centuries. It has never been ok.
I do not want to hear how it has always been. I know how it has always been.
It has always been wrong.
It means that no one before us had the will to change it.
We need to be better.
We need to have the will.
Do you?
You wanna be masculine? fine. Grab an ax, chop down a tree and build me a log cabin.
You wanna be a real man?
Be better.
Be an ally.
Be a protector.
Be an example.
Be a hero.
Be a peer.
thank you for coming to my ted talk.
it’s like 2:30 am now.
I’m taking my peer ass to bed.


Early Week – Anja and Loren are starting to plan our very mundane Thanksgiving meal that we have at the shop. If you’re not doing your own, or don’t want to go where-else you’re invited (or not, as the case may be) please come join us! Right now we’re doing a turkey, ginger carrots, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus in cheese sauce, a stuffed pumpkin, mixed veg in a butter sauce, bread and garlic butter and we have a lot of small nibbles always in the fridge. We do have plates and utensils, but you’re welcome to bring a dish to share! Just let us know that you’re coming. We usually eat in the late afternoon with nibbles on the table by 2pm.

Cookery – Found a recipe in the Florilegium early in the week. We’ve been looking for an interpreted recipe for almond milk cheese. (recipe below)

Care packages went out early in the week.

Sewing – Nothing this week.

Sundials, etc. – More sanding of little rounds.

Herb Bunch – It’s been very cold at night this week and a lot of the herbs are getting tucked up for the winter. More of the not-quite-ripe tomatoes were picked and greens were harvested, as always.

Workshop did cedar smudges, to learn the technique for making them, and then stripped the rest of the cedar. 2nd half we did a batch of wood butter and have some left for another batch, once there are more tins.

Project Day – Got partially pre-empted by mundane matters, but after we took the time to see the Venus/Jupiter conjunction just after sunset, we cleaned up a sorted and bunch of things from the fridge and table. None of that makes any pictures, though. Hopefully, we’ll do better this coming week. Cookies on Tuesday!


Almond Milk Cheese by HL Bronwyn ni Mhathain found on 

Recipe can be found here: Full text of “Two fifteenth-century cookery-books. Harleian ms. 279 (ab. 1430), & Harl. ms. 4016 (ab. 1450), with extracts from Ashmole ms. 1429, Laud ms. 553, & Douce ms. 55” ( )

Interpreted Recipe  Makes approximately a quarter of a pound of “cheese”

  • 2 cups thick almond milk
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. red wine vinegar*
  • Sugar to taste
  • Pouder Douce
  1. Once you have made the almond milk, you will need to strain the mixture through a sieve to remove as much of the almond bits as you can. Put the strained almond milk and salt into a pot and heat to boiling being careful not to overheat or to burn it. Note: Saffron can be added to the almond milk to make it yellow like butter at this stage. I did that and I was impressed with the results.
  2. Heat for five minutes and then add a dash of wine or vinegar to your almond milk. It will immediately thicken and start to curdle. You can also add a dash of wine to the mixture instead of vinegar. Continue to cook for another five minutes or so stirring so that the milk doesn’t burn.
  3. Remove from heat and strain through a cheesecloth for several hours or overnight. When the dripping has stopped, remove the almond mixture from the cloth and place it in a bowl. Unlike making cheese from dairy, the liquid that is produced from the almonds can be discarded. The whey from cheese making is full of whey protein and can be used in smoothies or baking.
  4. Add sugar to taste in the bowl. If the mixture is a bit too dry or crumbly wine can be added as well. I used approximately 2 tablespoons of sugar and then I added 2 teaspoons of the pouder douce to this. I did not need to add wine because the addition of the sugar made the almond “cheese” very smooth, similar to cream cheese. At this point I imagine you would be able to caste it into molds, or serve it in bowls garnished with comfits, or flowers if you see fit.

Still trying to track down what “thick almond milk” means..

Miscellaneous pictures

Music – Tielman Susato, the Battle Pavane, 6 ways! – Pavanne ‘La Bataille’, Pavana la Bataglia

ANother version, very modern, trombones!

FUll Orchestra

New London Consort

“A different way”.

…and the one I love with the castles and bombs



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