House Capuchin Shield2Due to the holiday, most of the meetings didn’t happen this week. We did go to Adiantum for their A&S Night and some things got accomplished on Project Day.

Meetings at the usual times this week.

  • Done

    Sewing Night – At Ancient Light, Thursdays, 6-8pm

  • Herb Bunch – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 11am-1pm
  • Sewing Time – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 3-5pm
  • Project Day – At Ancient Light, Sundays, Noon to 6pm
  • Cheese & Wine – Watch the schedule or the Facebook group! This is going to be irregularly scheduled for when tasks need to occur.
  • Next Potluck – 12/17

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and various projects, original here:  and new one here: and number three is here:

Adiantum A&S – Every other Tuesday in Adiantum is an A&S night. We try to go when we can. This time we had two goals, one was to get a fur collar to Louisa, the other was to get the pickles and cheeses taste-tested. We offered Stella a couple of bribes to do the driving, plus gas money. One of the bribes was that Alan was going to bring his lyres and the other was that we’d love to listen to her playing and singing. We ended up going 1 of 2 in both cases! In the flurry of getting out the door, the bag with the collar tipped over and didn’t make it into the car. Alan didn’t make it to the A&S night, either! …but the music was well-received and Stella got to talk to a lot of folks.

The taste-tasting was pretty good, too. We had for pickles: red cabbage (not as good) green cabbage (Yums all ’round), mushrooms and onions (too strong for 1 of 6), wine-pickled mushrooms (too loud for 1/2, but rinsed off, were pretty good) pearl onions (if you like ’em at all, you like these) and carrots (yums, again), pickled walnuts. Then there were the two cheeses, potted and tvarog, which everyone loved, unreservedly, and an apricot babovka, ditto, with the reservation that it was dry…which it is, it’s a characteristic, and why it’s usually eaten with coffee.

Anja also worked on cutting out a pouch and did some embroidery while talking with folks.

Cookery – Was mostly holiday stuff this week, but we had a bunch of taste-testing happen all week. Some was at Adiantum A&S (above), some was on Thanksgiving (general yums and “omgs-gimmee” on a bacon and blue cheese butter and a couple were random people wandering through when we were eating and offered them some, which responses were all “Yum! How’d you make those?”

Anja is still working on the cookbook/menu. She and Gogor have mostly figured out what to serve for the feast in place of the alcoholic beverages that had been originally planned.

Sewing Time – None happened this week, so I nabbed a cool idea to show you from Rebekah Wells –

This is something I made last month, a cover for my e-reader….so it can come to Raglan Fair next year. I started with a Poundshop e-reader cover, and covered it with some velvet I’ve had for ages. There is a pattern stamped into the velvet, so I followed that with some gold cord and decorated it with whatever I had to hand. Since I had everything, it was free. At most, it would have cost £1.”

“Yeh, I made garb for my e-reader.”

Herb Bunch – Also nobody, although Anja was doing write-ups of various herbs for her other newsletter and then did the marzipan on Sunday. She’s mostly working on getting harvested herbs ready for sale at her shop.

Project Day

While Anja was working on clipart, Loren was making a stand for her embroidery holder, so she can see it when sitting up, rather than the slumping that makes her hands go dead. Loren also made a bread loaf that we’ve been eating the last of the tvarog with. After that they set up the back so that marzipan could get started.

Both before and after marzipan Loren was working on the step.

She wants 3 pounds of the marzipan stuff…. since she has a 3 pound bag of almonds… and candied ginger… and chocolate morsels…. so you know what candies are happening (and no, not period, other than the marzipan, itself.)

So the first pound happened at 4pm or so and the 1/2 pound that was the 3rd round by 5pm. We ran out of sugar. <sigh> We thought we had an extra 2 pound bag, but if we do, it’s nowhere to be found! Anja ended up in a mess since the box of sugar “blorked” on her… all over her….

…and we went to town on the photos of this, since that last time was in the previous blog.

The “rumpus”

Finishing up.

Miscellaneous pix


MANNFALL is a new, educational-experimental concept of early medieval events that aims to a more intensive and progressive reenactment. Every event will be held at a different place with a different scenerio. Here are photos from the second try that took place on November 16th-19th 2017. In total, there were 10 players, 5 fighting members of caravan, 3 attackers and 3 dogs. Players had to protect the caravan on the way to Křivoklát castle. During the journey, they all had to sleep in the nature, protect themself from bandits and cross the river. Finally, players bound hands of the bandits and brought them to the castle. Then the game was over, and a banquet was held. All participants enjoyed the event, even though it was a very hard lesson. The total distance was more than 28 km, with food, woolen blankets and wargear. The water was drunk from wells and streams. What makes Mannfall special is the fact it is not just a hike, but there was also fight. Participants were members of 8 different groups from 3 countries, so the event had a positive impact on the community in our republics. Enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave a comment below or share. Photos by Michaela Hermanová (Michaela Hermanová photography). More pictures here

A link to an article about a volcanic eruption in 1362 in Iceland and it’s aftereffects – The person writing the article seems surprised that the area wasn’t re-populated sooner. Well, they apparently don’t live in the PNW where most of us have seen what happened when St. Helen’s blew….a much smaller eruption…..

Oh, WoAW is he! Oh, Loren…. 

Loren says: “I experienced today an epifanny, you know, one of those great momentous ideas you sometimes get while sitting on your ass doing nothing useful. There is a gambling game known as Tablero de Jesus, once introduced into the SCA as a period game, although later discovered to have been invented in the 1970’s. It was intended to be played with coins, but was adapted by the Guccis to be played with beer shots, henceforth to be known as Tablero de Gucci. There was also a variant more suitable for smalls played with M&Ms, developed by one of our favorite queens, Queen Berengaria, called Tablero de Berengaria. It occurred to me just today that it could also be played with small blocks of cheddar or mozzarella. Naturally, it would have to be called ….. Tablero de Cheeses ……….”

…and then the following exchange….


Estella – “that’s Tablero du Fromage. Here’s the gameboard:”

Loren – “You have to be able to slide the pieces ….”
Estella – “so? problem?”
Anja – “<snicker>”
Anja  – “Actually that looks more like mancala… :-)”

…we’re a bunch of loonies!

…and worse yet, we’re deep in plans to make the pieces and a proper teetotum… 🙂


Stella, Anja, Loren

divider black grey greek key

Largesse Item Count – (includes gifts, prizes, auction items, etc.)

  • ASXLVII = 24
  • ASXLVIII = 88
  • ASXLIX = 794
  • ASL = 2138
  • ASLI = 731
  • ASLII = 185 plus 4 pouch (2 more just need strings), 25 pouches for block-printing, 35 (plus 26 unfinished) pincushions, 7 emery bags, 10 lucet cord, 1 hat, 1 bone needle & case, 2 sewing boxes (finished except for bone needles), varnished stuff (124)

Total as a Household = 3544 handed off

moving writing pen motifIn ministerio autem Somnium! Anja, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin
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