House Capuchin Shield2Many, many things are going on in the Virtual World. Concerts and classes are the big ones, but you can see by the links and info in this week’s newsletter that people aren’t letting any grass grow under their feet!

We are still holding all House Capuchin meetings in the virtual world.

  • Herb Bunch – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 11am-1pm (on hold)
  • Sewing Time – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 3-5pm (on hold)
  • Project Day – At Ancient Light, Sundays, Noon to 6pm (virtual only)
  • Cheese and Wine happens irregularly, usually announced with little notice on our Facebook group. (on hold)
  • Next Virtual Potluck – 4/19, 5/17
  • Next Winter Feast tentative Date is 2/15/21, Theme ??

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and various projects, original here:  and new one here: and number three is here:

Duncan Vitrarius to Barony of Stromgard – Discussion Forum,

A little bit of An Tir history, just for fun.

Event Description — Anno Societatis VIII

Year 8 – Royal Tourney of Union, Principality of An Tir, May 27, AS VIII (1973), Wallingford Playfield, Seattle, WA

Event Description From: The Page (July, 1973)

It has recently been the happy fortune of the Baronies of Madrone and Three Mountains to discover that together they fulfill the requirements for chartering as a Principality of this Kingdom. They are even now petitioning to the Board of Directors to be so chartered. In anticipation thereof, they are holding a Tourney and Celebration on Sunday, May 27. His Highness has promised to attend as King; hence the tourney’s title, Royal Tourney of Union.

The chief event of the day will be the signing of the Charter of Union (this is not the same charter they will receive from the Society, since that may not be processed by the 27th). Fighting twealzie-wopping, cookery, music, dancing, games, and awards will also occur. Cooking facilities, cold water, and sanitary facilities will be available. Bring pavilions, provisions for your household and suitable garments.

The Tourney will be held in Wallingford Playfield in Seattle from 1:00 pm to dusk. For any necessary information, call the autocrats, Liam of the Barque (contact info omitted); or Gernot of Gallimaufry (contact info omitted). Evening revels are rumoured; ask the autocrats.

From The Page (July, 1973):

His Majesty and several of his Civil Service attended the Royal Tourney of Union held by the incipient Principality in the North (a name is still to be chosen. We suggested Cascadia, but it seems that’s a local home for the bewildered). A document was signed by Barons Frederick of the West Tower and Ryamond the Mild and by the King, in earnest of the formal Charter still to be received from the Board. “Your Majesty,” quoth Liam of the Barque, Castellan of Madrone (taht is, the Baron’s vicar while the Baron is in Atenveldt), “I trust we will not have to send our collection agency down for the real one.” “No,” answered His Majesty, “but it might be fun if you did.”

His Majesty then made Raymond the Mild, Baron of Madrone, a Master-of-Arms, and gave Awars of Arms to Liam of the Barque and Dierdre Muldomnagh, and to Lady Nineva, Lady Gwili, and Geoffrey of Speraunce, the members of the Order of the Red Branch (a Baronial order in Madrone for masochism above and beyond the call of duty). Finally, he awarded the Order of the Laurel to David of Baguley, an exceedingly accomplished musician, composer, leader of the Baron’s Singers and member of the Voice of the Turtle. The Principality is well stocked with artists, fighters, and administrators, and will form a fruitful and laudable branch of this Kingdom.

From the History (by Wilhelm von Schlüssel):

Liam of the Barque and Gernot of Gallimaufry autocratted. King Paul presided. At this tournament the Baronies of Madrone and Three Mountains united to form a principality, the name of which had not yet been chosen. King Paul, Baron Frederic of the WestTower (Three Mountains) and Baron Raymond the Mild (Madrone) signed a charter of union, in the place of the formal charter which had yet to be signed by the Board of Directors. King Paul gave Awards of Arms to Dierdre Muldomhnaigh, Geoffrey of Speraunce, Gwili, Liam of the Barque, and Nineva. He admitted David of Bagulay to the Order of the Laurel and made Baron Raymond the Mild a Master of Arms.

“I remember going up to Raymond afterwards and congratulating him after telling him that I didn’t really believe in Masters of Arms. Several years later when I became (through no fault of my own) a court baron, Raymond came up to me and congratulated me after telling me he didn’t really believe in court barons.” – Steven MacEanruig

Event Staff:
Staff who helped run this event. Details are taken from newsletter copy or other information found, sometimes provided by people if not in those sources.
Autocrat — Gernot of Gallimaufry

Early Week – Susanne dropped off the dishes from her Feast care package on Monday, leaving the bag outside the shop door for Anja to nab after she’d left. There are a lot of dishes still floating out there…. <hint, hint> 🙂

Anja worked on the cookbook. By Wednesday all the info was in, but it still needed photos. It got loaded up without. …and then reloaded on Friday, when it got finished. Here: It’s in both Word and PDF. It also got added to the Cookbooks page.

Cookery – On Monday we decided to play with the bay nuts. Google said either 45 minutes at 350 or 30 at 450, so we turned a 400F oven down to 350 and cooked ’em for 15….. they were absolutely black! So we cracked off the rest of the shells, bapped a couple of stubborn ones with a knife handle and got the shells cracked that way and tossed ’em into the herb grinder. Oi! Even mixing 1/2 and half with almond flour (hey, that’s a nut, too, right?) the flour was sticky enough to lag down the grinder… and smelled a little smoky….

Thursday night we made a batch of spaetzle. That was tasty.

Loren made bread on Friday, but didn’t use the nut flour.

Sewing – Sorting projects and putting non-current ones away was a big part of the early week stuff. Anja got a scrap bag from a purse-maker with a nice stash of Sartor fabrics. Pincushions and bobs and pouches, here we come!

Arlys posted a challenge to the Embellisher’s Guild


Please note that this project is FOR FUN, and ONLY IF YOU WANT TO. In future, it might be nice to display our interpretations at Twelfth Night or some other event as members of the Guild.

A number of period pattern books have patterns which can be used in any number of embroidery styles.They can also be converted to lace, used for leatherwork, block printing, etc. Showing others how we converted our patterns for our choice of media could be part of the fun.

With much difficulty, I narrowed the selections of patterns down to three, taking into consideration the variety of techniques they might fall subject to. All of them are gridded patterns, which generally makes them easier to convert to other media. All of them are bands, with repeating motifs.

Participants are asked to do ONE 6” band if they are doing embroidery forms. Otherwise, please consider the equivalent size for your choice of media.
You may find that using graph paper is helpful. If you don’t have any, just google “free graph paper to print” and you’ll find a wide variety to suit your needs.

By “converting a pattern,” I mean that you might look at a pattern and think it’s pretty obvious what it was intended as, such as cross stitch being the intent but you decide to convert it to beadwork. Or blackwork.  Or painted stuff. Any method found in the Guild’s Guidelines is up for grabs.

This project asks that you complete one band. If you want to do more, go forth and party on!

I was originally thinking the we could vote on one pattern, but decided that a little diversity might be better for Reasons.

Hearts. From Sibmacher’s Modelbuch, 1597, Plate XXXIII.

Flowers & Fruit (center pattern only). See Flowers of the Needle, Vol. VI. La Vera Perfettione del Designo by Ostaus, 1561, plate LXV

Dragon Puppies. See Flowers of the. Needle, Vol. V. Opera Nova Universali, 1546, pg 33

Please give this group a shout out if you are participating. We look forward to seeing and hearing about your creations!

In service to the arts,
Arlys o Gordon, OL, OP

Cynthia Ley (arlys) From the Rivers Guildmistress, who posts as Kim Switzer: In case it helps you decide what technique you want to work in, here is our Guild information. Forms of embellishment are listed at the bottom:…/Embellishers_Guild

And the list of embellishment types on our website:…/Embellishers_Guild

If you are interested in joining the Embellishers Guild, check out our fb page.Where else can you find a group whose motto is: “It needs a little something”?

I may get to Dragon Puppies. I think the pattern is hilarious. 🙂

For clarity, the names of the patterns were very arbitrarily given to them by yours truly. Sounds more interesting than Pattern 33.

Herb Bunch – Watering/Tending – Pix this coming week.

Saturday Projects – Anja tried to get into the Bayeaux Tapestry Stitch class at 10 and didn’t have the right equipment. She did manage to sign in to the Sewing Salon, but it wasn’t the Virtual Coronet one and she didn’t realize until Sunday…. Taran’s Pad Stitching was interesting.

Project Day – Was pretty much just catching up on pictures, sorting and putting away supplies. As Loren and Anja are cleaning their shop we’re finding a lot of projects that need finishing.

That’s the case with the pins above.

We got some pix of other pieces of projects.

From the Virtual Coronet


Miscellaneous pix



Hmmm can’t get this one to load -Come again sweet love (#SCAatHome 2020) –

Virtual Concert – Wolgemut – Music starts around 7 minutes in. There’s a really fun song at about 24.

Meredith Waldron – March 26 at 8:54 PM

At the request of Helen South…

Easy period music to learn (from BEFORE the sixteenth century)

In the sixteenth century, the increasing availability of printed texts saw a massive expansion of popularly accessible sheet music, and this is reflected in the sources available to us. But that doesn’t mean that pre-sixteenth century music isn’t around.


  • The Red Book of Montserrat/Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (14th c, Spanish): a collection of ten devotional songs for pilgrims in one, two, and three parts, set to what are believed to be popular secular tunes. Sheet music available at
  • Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th c, Spanish): a collection of hundreds of devotional songs collated by King Alfonso X. You can browse transcriptions of the full collection at, but be aware they mostly have minimal rhythm marks. Individual songs have become quite well known, such as ‘Santa Maria strela do dia’ – sheet music (with rhythm marked) is available at…/File:WIMA.d58c-Sabio_Santa-Maria-strela…
  • Medieval Melodies for Filking (12th-15thc, various): an SCA collection of thirteen period tunes, by Vladislav the Purple. As the collection was designed to facilitate filk, all are solo and none have words (but the lyrics are google-able for non-instrumentalists). An extremely accessible introduction to medieval music for the instrumentalist, it is available at

Additional Two-Part Songs:

The following four songs are a bit longer and more challenging, and have two parts – so if you’d like to work on singing or playing with someone else, they may be a good fit. The top line is also capable of standing on its own.

There is a great deal more medieval music available online – and are both great places to start and have ‘medieval’ as a category – but if anyone is looking for pre-curated collections, I can also recommend the books sold by Gaita, a medieval music ensemble, which you can order online at


Cookery Videos

A story in two parts


Anja, Loren, Susanne, Amor (v), Sasha (v), Estella (v), Arlys (v)

Largesse Item Count – (includes gifts, prizes, auction items, etc.)

  • ASXLVII = 24
  • ASXLVIII = 88
  • ASXLIX = 794
  • ASL = 2138
  • ASLI = 731
  • ASLII = 304
  • ASLIII – 146
  • ASLIV – 207 plus 4 puppets, 3 hippocras mix, 4 powder fort, 9 cheese spice and 10 powder douce packets, 10 tiny bobs, 8 pincushions, 5 pins, 5 snip case w/snips, lucet cords, 25 pouches for block-printing, 1 medium pouch, 4 small pouches, 12 bookmarkers, 14 unfinished pincushions, 1 sewing kit (except for bone needle), varnished stuff (124)

Total as a Household = 4038 handed off

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