A very busy week sometimes doesn’t have much to say about it, especially since projects are just getting farther along, rather than finished.

Sounds like Baroness’ War was fun! We’ve been talking to various people about the problems that less-abled SCAdians are having getting to events. Dunno what will shake out with that. Anja missed All Fool’s in Corvaria. Since she’s their Bard for the moment, that’s a problem!

Anja is teaching marzipan at Adiantum’s A&S Night on Tuesday.

Hard-boiled with sauce

Still holding Project Day and Sewing at the shop. Herbs in the Garden is going most Wednesdays, but not this week. It’s going to be too wet!

Project Day is now open for in-person meet-ups as well as in the Virtual Realm! Potluck this month will be Virtual and Real-World! Herbs Workshop and Sewing are ongoing. Masks required. When will the rest of these open up in person? We’ll keep right on with the virtual ones side-by-side with the actual. 

New tomatoes
  • Herb Bunch – At Ancient Light, Thursdays, 7am-9pm, doing incense
  • Herb Workshop, In the Garden – Irregularly scheduled, usually on dry Wednesdays. Please ask to join the facebook chat!
  • Sewing Time – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 3-5pm
  • Project Day – At Ancient Light, Sundays, 1 to 5pm
  • Cheese and Wine happens irregularly, usually announced with little notice on our Facebook group.
  • Next Potluck – Next Potluck – 4/17, 515, 6/19
  • Winter Feast LVI, Norse Theme. Page here – https://housecapuchin.com/winter-feast/winter-feast-norse-feast-as-lvi-february-2022/ More pages coming!

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and various projects, original here:  https://housecapuchin.wordpress.com/portfolio/  and new one here:  https://housecapuchin2.wordpress.com/portfolio/ and number three is here: https://housecapuchin3.wordpress.com/portfolio/

Misc – 

Last weekend – Pt1 Summits Spring Coronet

Pt2 Summits Spring Coronet

This weekend, Part 1 – Baroness War

Part 2 – Baroness War

The new East Kingdom Crowns

Louis Garcia – Well…now that The Big Project has debuted, it is my pleasure (and relief) to show it to everyone who could not make it to EK Coronation.

This has been the largest, most involved project that I have ever undertaken. They are the Thunder Tyger Crowns of the East, the first Asian kingdom crowns in SCA history (if I am not mistaken). They are based on 12th Century Thai ceremonial crowns and have Chinese and Japanese elements. They were the work of 140+ hours and every skill old and new to make them. I cried when they left my studio.

I thank from the bottom of my heart those that helped in the grunt work of this venture…without them these would not have been possible. To Lord Ubba of Smoking Rocks ( Jason Yeary ), THLady Sisuile Butler ( Kathleen Dimmich Mahaffy ), and Christoff of Swampkeype ( Christopher Nowland )…your help was immeasurable and you are now a part of Society History. I am in your debt.

I am literally crying as I get pictures back from Coronation of Ryouko’jin Of-The Iron-Skies and Indrakshi Aani Aravinda of their new Majesties wearing them. I thank them so much and to the Kingdom for entrusting me with such a fantastic, challenging task.

Brain Weasels quiet…peace and contentment achieved.

I love The East.


SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2022 AT 9 AM – 7 PM – Adiantum’s Birthday Bash – 82002 Lost Creek Rd, Dexter, OR 97431-9783, United States
Adiantum’s Baronial Birthday celebration, Archery, Rapier, Cut & Thrust, and Arts & Sciences Championships, Sergentry Trials, and Court. This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted.

APR 22 AT 9 AM – APR 24 AT 3 PM – Bar Gemels – Event by Barony of Terra Pomaria and Lin Dis – Camp Taloali – Bar Gemels will return this year! The tavern is open and will have period games on the tables, musicians playing throughout the hall, a warm fire, and hot food for weary travelers.
The Tavern will provide meals each day for a fee. You may preregister for a meal plan for the weekend for $35. Prices for ala cart meal tickets will be available on the website.
Fighters, both heavy and fencers alike, will be ousted to the field when brawls start to see who will be left standing. The ever-popular Bar Wench Smackdown will occur.
For added fun the thrown weapons range will be and the archery range will be open for you to show your skills.
We will also hold a Silent Auction fundraiser for Camp Taloali, a camp for children who are d/Deaf and or Hard of Hearing community members.
Merchants are welcome for a donation of largess.
Bunks in cabins will be available for a $10 fee.
Please register for RV space in advance. Space is limited.

May 7, 2022.  – Known World Italian Symposium – Virtual World  event – https://knownworlditalians.org/kwis-2022/ 
KWIS –  https://knownworlditalians.org/?fbclid=IwAR3mu8CcApz5hvZdaxqCfdOvR-kvqXawDhniPVpLhTDO97Ed0ozOMIdhJf0%2F

MAY 27 AT 12 PM – MAY 30 AT 3 PM – Egils 2022 – Adiantum – Event by Barony of Adiantum and Chris Howerton – Lynx Hollow Park
You are invited to join the Barony of Adiantum for a three-day weekend of Medieval Adventure.
Activities to Look forward to:
Heavy Armored combat – Holmgang, Prize Tournaments & Baronial Defender Tournament
Rapier Combat
Cut & Thrust Combat
Bardic Baronial Championship & Performances
Medieval Period Archery Fun Shoots, Competitions & Royal rounds
Thrown Weapons Baronial Championship & Fun Toss
Medieval Court, Pageantry & Ceremony
Norse Trade Blanket
Youth & Family Activities
Medieval Merchants’ Row
Arts & Sciences Village, Full of Classes, Demo’s and Displays

Classes – 

The Known Worlde Courtesans Guild just put up 6 new videos – Games, perfumed eggs and more! – https://www.youtube.com/c/KnowneWorldCourtesans/videos

Battle of Hastings, 1066: Analysis of the Norman victory – Medievalists – The Battle of Hastings is one of the most important battles fought in England. Duke William of Normandy defeated King Harold II, ushering in the Norman Conquest. In this episode of Bow and Blade, Kelly DeVries and Michael Livingston analyze the campaign and battle, including how the conflict started, the events of 1066, where the battle took place, and why the Normans were victorious.

How To Make Friends And Not Die In The Medieval Court | How To Get Ahead | Chronicle – Medieval History Documentaries – The medieval court was a cruel place. Stephen Smith is joined by David Tennant to investigate the rules of navigating Richard II’s court. The medieval king presided over the first truly sophisticated and artistic court in England. Painters, sculptors, poets, tailors, weavers and builders flocked to court to make their fortunes. But these were dangerous times. Being close to Richard brought many a courtier to a sticky end.

Early Week – Anja was cooking, more than anything. She made a radish and cheese spread that’s traditional Czech and mentioned in late period manuscripts.

Cookery – Other than the radish spread a big vegetable soup was made this week, and mostly frozen. Sunday evening we tried the Roman eggs.

Sewing – This week was mostly working on the little sacks and the Bartholomew Baby outfits.

Dressing up a middle class lass, circa 1460s – priorattire – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiH7_r6P5Ts

Weave Along with Elewys: Double Face Laurel Leaves Tablet Weaving

Sundials, etc. – 

The book The Glass Beads of Anglo-Saxon England, cAD 400-700. A Preliminary Visual Classification of the More Definitive and Diagnostic Types, by Margaret Guido (1999) is now available for free download at https://library.oapen.org/handle/20.500.12657/50361 The 386 page book includes a chapter on the “Technological Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Beads” (raw materials, colorants, archaeological evidence of bead production, etc.), 30+ pages of maps showing where various types of beads were found, color plates of the various bead types, and a 40+ page bibliography, Based in the Netherlands, “OAPEN works with publishers to build a quality controlled collection of open access books. OAPEN operates two platforms, the OAPEN Library and – in partnership with OpenEdition – the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB). The OAPEN Library is set up to host and disseminate OA books.”

Make an Anglo-Saxon style Ring Pouch – Sally Pointer – Inspired by ivory ring framed Anglo-Saxon purses from the fifth and sixth centuries, I’m adapting easily available materials to make a useful large belt pouch that will hold all sorts of things when I’m out foraging. This project is less about authenticity of technique and more about practical end results!

Herb Bunch – In the Garden

Kept working on the garden over the next few days. 

…and on Sunday we started tucking some of the more tender plants under covers because of cold temps rolling in. 

Project Day – Not a lot going. Cleaning up ready for marzipan on Monday… a little sewing at my desk. Talked to a newer person from Adiantum who is just learning about how the SCA ticks. She’s going to try to come out for a blackwork lesson at some point.

Feast Planning

The poll is still up and we contacted a few people who aren’t on Facebook The two who replied both voted “norse repeat”. Totals so far.

What should we do for Winter Feast 2023?
Repeat Norse – 8 votes
Something different – 2 votes
Not bother – 1 vote
Repeat German Renn – 0 votes
Italian – 0 votes


Anjas Radish and Cheese Spread Recipe – usually makes two 1-cup jars


  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup cream cheese
  • 1 cup radishes (measure after chopping)
  • 1 Tbsp. chives
  • Salt to taste


  1. In a food processor….Process radishes until the largest piece is no more than 1/8 inch thick by ½ inch long
  2. Add butter and cheese. Mix
  3. Add chives (etc.) and salt and process.
  4. Fridge for 24 hours
  5. Serve on various bread or crackers.

Roman Medium-Boiled Eggs in a Pine Nut Sauce – In Ancient Rome eggs were eaten as an appetizer.


Hard-boiled with sauce
  • 4 medium-boiled eggs      
  • 2 oz. pine nuts       
  • 3 Tbs. vinegar       
  • 1 tsp. honey       
  • A pinch of fresh ground black pepper   
  • A pinch of fresh lovage (celery leaves can be substituted) 


  • cookpot
  • bowl
  • measuring spoons
  • slotted spoon
  • blender or food processor
  • serving dishes

This dish is seasoned to taste. 

  1. Place the pine nuts in a bowl along with the vinegar and soak them for two to three hours. 
  2. Mix all the ingredients except the eggs thoroughly in a blender or food processor. 
  3. Place water in a cookpot and bring it to a boil on the stove over high heat. 
  4. Add the eggs and medium-boil them for 4-6 minutes. 
  5. Using a slotted spoon, remove the eggs from the cookpot and place them under cold running water. 
  6. Shell the eggs and place them in the serving dishes. 
  7. The dish can be prepared up to this point in advance. 
  8. Before serving, pour the sauce over the eggs.

Miscellaneous pix


Buccina Ensemble Bonn – buccine, buccina

Cornu de Pompeii – Abraham Cupeiro – Instrument built by María Ruíz and Abraham Cupeiro, based on the cornus found at Pompeii in the 19th century.

Italian Renaissance: Pentamerone, Anon., “O monaciello” – Eric Boulanger – In 1634, in Naples, Giambattista Basile published Pâmerone or “lo cunto de li cunte”, The Tale of Tales, consisting of works combining story telling, together with music, dance and acting. They consist of streets and taverns songs in Napoli that were so popular that court musicians transcribed the music and arranged it according to musical fashions and rules of that period. They were entertaining, yet also used to spread moral and ethical principles. “With his book, Basile gave life to the genre of the Fairy Tale which, accepted with enthusiasm by his readers and later on adopted by the Grimm brothers and Perrault, will spread like a wildfire all over Europe.” “O monaciello” Passaro Bernaldino detto Velardiniello Source: “Pentameron” Ensemble Oni Wytars.

My daughter, why don’t you go to the dance? “Mother I can’t go.”
My daughter, why? “I can’t show up like this.”
My daughter, what do you need? “I have no dress.”
As the monk heard this he made her a dress.
My daughter, why don’t you go to the dance? “Mother I can’t go.”
My daughter, why? “I can’t show up like this.”
My daughter, what do you need? “I have no tights.”
As the monk heard this he made her a pair of tights.

My daughter, why don’t you go to the dance? “Mother I can’t go.”
My daughter, why? “I can’t show up like this.”
My daughter, what do you need? “I have no shoes.”
As the monk heard this he made his shoes.
My daughter, why don’t you go to the dance? “Mother I can’t go.”
My daughter, why? “I can’t show up like this.”
My daughter, what do you need? “I have no underskirt.”
As the monk heard this he made her an underskirt.
My daughter, why don’t you go to the dance? “Mother I can’t go.”
My daughter, why? “I can’t show up like this.”
My daughter, what do you need? “I have no bra.”
As the monk heard this he made her a bra.
My daughter, why don’t you go to the dance? “Mother I can’t go.”
My daughter, why don’t you go to the dance? “I can’t show up like this.”
My daughter, what do you need? “I have no lover.”
As the monk heard this he became her lover.

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Egypt’s emerald mines fell under the control of the Blemmyes in the Early Middle Ages, archaeologists find – https://www.medievalists.net/2022/03/egypts-emerald-mines-fell-under-control-of-the-blemmyes-in-the-early-middle-ages-archaeologists-find/

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Video Links & Podcasts

(podcast on the page) Attila and the Battle of the Catalaunian Fields (451) – https://www.medievalists.net/2022/03/attila-and-the-battle-of-the-catalaunian-fields-451/

Battering Ram and Fire: Civic Glory and Devastation in Dante’s Age – https://www.medievalists.net/2022/03/battering-ram-and-fire-civic-glory-and-devastation-in-dantes-age/

The Famous Royal Prisoner of Old Raglan Castle: Who Was He?

Llwyn Celyn flythrough tour – The Landmark Trust – more at https://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/search-and-book/historic-llwyn-celyn/

New and Updated Pages

Update – https://housecapuchin.com/projects-over-period-of-time/marzipan/


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Largesse, Gifts and Auction items
·       ASXLVIII = 88
·         ASXLIX = 794
·         ASL = 2138
·         ASLI = 731
·         ASLII = 304
·         ASLIII = 146
·         ASLIV & ASLV = 230
·         ASLVI = 177 plus 4 puppets, 4 powder fort, 8 cheese spice and 9 powder douce packets, 1 kiss-lock pouch, 10 tiny bobs, 7 pincushions, 3 pins, 3 snip case w/snips, 23 lucet cords, 25 pouches for block-printing, 2 medium pouch, 4 small pouches, 12 bookmarkers, 14 unfinished pincushions, 1 sewing kit (except for bone needle), varnished stuff (124), 2 emery strawberries, 1 woolen spool-knit cord, 48 key bottle openers, 4 dishcloths
Total as a Household = 4238 handed off

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In ministerio autem Somnium! Anja, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin
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