After a good couple of days working in Anja’s garden, a fire at their house stopped them doing much. They’re fine. The house is, really, although it needs a new circuit-breaker panel. Isabeau’s arm is improving. Gudrun’s having fun with cos-play and everyone else is frantically getting ready for Egil’s.

Herbs in the Garden on Wednesday. Masks required. We’re keeping right on with the virtual meetings side-by-side with the actual. 

  • Herb Bunch – At Ancient Light, Thursdays, 7am-9pm, on hold
  • Herb Workshop, In the Garden – Irregularly scheduled. Please ask to join the facebook chat!
  • Sewing Time – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 3-5pm
  • Project Day – At Ancient Light, Sundays, 1 to 5pm
  • Cheese and Wine happens irregularly, usually announced with little notice on our Facebook group.
  • Next Potluck – Next Potluck – 6/19, 7/17, 8/21, 9/18, 10/16, 11/20, 12/18
  • Winter Feast LVI, Norse Theme. Page here – More pages coming!

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and various projects, original here:  and new one here: and number three is here:



Misc – Update on Isabeau, “I’m working on mending my broken shoulder! Lol. The follow up appt showed it is still perfectly lined up. Hurry up and wait for the healing to continue. I’m to spend time daily out of the sling, wiggling my fingers and wrist. The beginnings of PT It still hurts, but I’m done with the narcotics. Taking OTC meds.”

May Crown – As always with recorded live-streams there are long waits between “things”. Please be patient!

Note – Someone at crown became symptomatic and tested positive for COVID this morning. Get tested!

May Crown – Roving Court – This stream includes Roving Court. Proudly hosted by the Kingdom of An Tir, and the Barony of Vulcanfeldt.

May Crown – Opening/Morning Court, Processional, and Invocation of the Crown Lists – This stream included Opening/Morning Court, Processional, and Invocation of the Crown Lists. Proudly hosted by the Kingdom of An Tir, and the Barony of Vulcanfeldt.

May Crown – Afternoon Court, Sweet 16, Finals – You are invited to bear witness as the chivalrous fighters of An Tir meet in honorable combat to vie for the Sable Throne. This stream included Afternoon Court, Sweet 16, and Finals. Proudly hosted by the Kingdom of An Tir, and the Barony of Vulcanfeldt.

May Crown – Evening Court – This stream included Evening Court. Proudly hosted by the Kingdom of An Tir, and the Barony of Vulcanfeldt.


MAY 27 AT 12 PM – MAY 30 AT 3 PM – Egils 2022 – Adiantum – Event by Barony of Adiantum and Chris Howerton – Lynx Hollow Park
You are invited to join the Barony of Adiantum for a three-day weekend of Medieval Adventure.
Activities to Look forward to:
Heavy Armored combat – Holmgang, Prize Tournaments & Baronial Defender Tournament
Rapier Combat
Cut & Thrust Combat
Bardic Baronial Championship & Performances
Medieval Period Archery Fun Shoots, Competitions & Royal rounds
Thrown Weapons Baronial Championship & Fun Toss
Medieval Court, Pageantry & Ceremony
Norse Trade Blanket
Youth & Family Activities
Medieval Merchants’ Row
Arts & Sciences Village, Full of Classes, Demo’s and Displays

JUN 17 AT 3 PM – JUN 19 AT 12 PM – Summits June Investiture – Penny Sturdivant Park
Event by Shire of Tymberhavene, Principality of the Summits and Kanavati Nakkan – Come one and all and bear witness as the Coronets of the Summits are invested to
His Excellency Tamawa Bato and Her Excellency Emma von Bern
Gates open at 3:00pm on the 17 and close at Noon on the 19th.
The Shire of Tymberhavene will host its traditional Soup and Bread welcome on Friday evening/night in the gazebo.
More details to come.

JUN 30 AT 2 PM – JUL 5 AT 3 PM – An Tir West War 2022 – Lazy J Ranch, 96029 Euchre Creek Rd Gold Beach OR 97444 – Event by A&W War: a War of the West & AnTir
Come once again to the beautiful, temperate coastlands and the epic war between the mighty Kingdoms of An Tir and the West. There will be battles, both heavy and rapier. There will be Arts and Sciences, rapier and archery, equestrian activities galore–and of course there will be fine merchants.

JAN 13, 2023 AT 12 PM – JAN 15, 2023 AT 5 PM – An Tir 12th Night 2023 – Valley River Inn
Event by Barony of Adiantum, Pam Perryman and Esther Reese
Hello From An Tir 12th Night 2023!
12th Night 2023 will be held in the Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Oregon). Our event site is the lovely Valley River Inn, which is happy to host the SCA again.
For those new to the site, the “SCA block” is the entire hotel! The staff is friendly, with many having been our hosts at past events in their hotel. They know us, and they love our events. At 12th Night 2020, fifty-three+ hotel staff worked with Gold Key to wear garb during the work shift. It’s a welcoming space that’s all ours for the weekend!
Your event Stewards are Dame Yseult of Broceliande Ol, OP (Pam Perryman) and Honorable Emma Haldane (Esther Reese).The best way to reach them is to send an email to
The event email will be checked at least once a day, and usually several times a day.
Site Fee is $30.00, with a $5.00 discount for SCA members. There is no pre-registration or payment; pay and sign in at the gate.
The event page is hosted on the An Tir server, on the calendar page.
That will always be the most up-to-date place for information:

Dance Vids – Saltarello. Medieval dance. Lithuanian dancers – Lithuanians medieval dance performance. Saltarello.

Classes – 

Handmade Inkwell – Kicking the Wheel With Jon Townsend

Cædmon’s Hymn (Spoken in Old English) – (Click ‘Captions’ to enable Subtitles/[CC] in Old English w/Modern English translation) – Lukas Papenfusscline performs Cædmon’s Hymn, a poem composed by Cædmon, an illiterate cow-herder who was able to sing in honour of God the Creator, using words that he had never heard before. The work was passed down from a Latin translation by Bede in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People. It was composed between 658 and 680 and is the oldest recorded Old English poem.

Old English Caedmon’s Hymn text:
Nū scylun hergan hefaenrīcaes Uard,
metudæs maecti end his mōdgidanc,
uerc Uuldurfadur, suē hē uundra gihwaes,
ēci dryctin ōr āstelidæ
hē ǣrist scōp aelda barnum
heben til hrōfe, hāleg scepen.
Thā middungeard moncynnæs Uard,
eci Dryctin, æfter tīadæ
firum foldu, Frēa allmectig.

Modern English text:
Now [we] must honor the guardian of heaven,
the might of the architect, and his purpose,
the work of the father of glory
as he, the eternal lord, established the beginning of wonders;
he first created for the children of men
heaven as a roof, the holy creator
Then the guardian of mankind,
the eternal lord, afterwards appointed the middle earth,
the lands for men, the Lord almighty.

Inside A Woodturners Woodshop – Old vs. New – Townsends

The Secrets of the Tower: Where Did Anne Boleyn Meet her Brutal Death? – Slip back in time to enjoy a guided tour of some of the most significant places in the Tower of London associated, in particular, with Anne Boleyn; from where Anne entered the Tower before her coronation and at her imprisonment, to the lost royal apartments, through to the REAL site of the scaffold upon which she died. Join your Tudor guide to see the Tower as it was in the sixteenth century. The tour of the Tower starts at 1.12 mins – The Tudor Travel Guide

1522: The Scandal Of The Venetian Inquisition | Secret Files Of The Inquisition | Chronicle – Venice, once a centre of free thinking, suffers under a climate of terror brought about by the Inquisition. The church’s most powerful weapon will be a new type of inquisition, controlled by the Pope himself. He will use it to curtail the spread of a competing religion, and eliminate those who betray the faith. It will stop the flow of new ideas let loose by the printing press, and repress the birth of modern scientific thought. A new campaign in the battle for the souls of Europe’s Christians is about to begin. – Based on previously unreleased secret documents from European Archives including the Vatican, Secret Files of the Inquisition unveils the incredible true story of the Catholic Church’s 500-year struggle to remain the world’s only true Christian religion. It traces Catholicism’s determination to maintain power at any cost in medieval France, 15th century Spain, Renaissance Italy and even into the 19th century. Historians, experts and Church authorities advise on the handling of this controversial subject matter. – Chronicle – Medieval History Documentaries

The Terrifying Truth About Britain’s Real Witchfinders | A Century Of Murder | Chronicle – Dr Suzannah Lipscomb investigates the shocking story of Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General, in the final part of this two-part series. The ruthless Puritan was the instigator of Britain’s most brutal witch hunt in history. Why were these witchfinders allowed to commit these heinous crimes? And what would make you a witch in Medieval Britain? – Chronicle – Medieval History Documentaries

Early Week – Clean-up and leftovers are the usual after a potluck. Anja had a couple more dishes to try out, though, so decided to work on them during her and Loren’s weekend (Tue/Wed) and ran out of time.

Cookery – We were still playing with the cherry pudding in the early week and Anja decided she wanted to try the cheese fritters, and wanted to use up the red cabbage from her fridge. Unfortunately, a fire at home (not too damaging) put everything off for the tail end of the week and we ran out of time there, too.

A medieval Czech recipe for creamed cabbage found on Facebook on 5/21/22 – The recipe transliterated below says, “pickled”, but the word actually means something more like, “prepared”.

Volker Bach – 5/22/22 Facebook – That looks like a fascinating source. Anyone read Czech?

Historic CookeryJana Ruza – Recipe for the preparation of pickled cabbage, Sauerkraut

Second half of the 15th century. The original is deposited in the Library of the National Museum Prague sign I H 51, fol. 21V

Zelee kyselee
Rzez dluze krom kosscialow czos (nay tenie?) muozess potom ge warz v wodie a kdyz obewrze wlig na sytko a kdyz prostydne wyzdmi ge dobrze Potom wklad zase do hrncze protrzes a ruozno vczinisz na nie mandlowe mleko nechayzt wtom wrze A zelenee zelee muozess teez warziti.
Recipe for the preparation of pickled cabbage, Sauerkraut
Cut into strips, except for the stalk, then boil in water and when it has come to the boil, pour into a strainer. After it has cooled, wring out well.
Put it back in the pot, pour in the almond milk and bring to the boil.
You can cook fresh cabbage in the same way.

Kristina Hildebrand – Very cool! It’s old Czech, which seem closer to modern Polish. I can understand it but it takes a bit of effort.

Susan Fox – This implies that the cabbage has been fermented whole, not cut up like we think of sauerkraut today.

Susan Fox – I have seen that in Turkish shops in Germany, doe with York Cabbage.

Volker Bach – It’s also mentioned in the Oeconomia. Apparently, you included whole heads with chopped cabbage leaves so the whole was packed without needing extra brine.

Susanne Milada Hülsmann

Oh gods that’s next level – handwritten. The one I’m translating is printed / woodcut.

Katrine De Saint Brieuc – I had found these instructions for brined/pickled cabbage:… and…

This is from Das Ackerwerk by Lucii Columellae and Palladii (1536), probably a translation of the Latin text “De Re Rustica”. BOOKS.GOOGLE.DE,,

Lule Rakipi – Herr Lehrer, ich wusste das nicht, dass man Mandel Milch Zubereiten können!!!!

Lule Rakipi – Hier ist das Rezept!

Jana Ruza – Recipe for the preparation of pickled cabbage, Sauerkraut
Second half of the 15th century. The original is deposited in the Library of the National Museum Prague sign I H 51, fol. 21V
Zelee kyselee
Rzez dluze krom kosscialow czos (nay tenie?) muozess potom ge warz v wodie a kdyz obewrze wlig na sytko a kdyz prostydne wyzdmi ge dobrze Potom wklad zase do hrncze protrzes a ruozno vczinisz na nie mandlowe mleko nechayzt wtom wrze A zelenee zelee muozess teez warziti.
Recipe for the preparation of pickled cabbage, Sauerkraut
Cut into strips, except for the stalk, then boil in water and when it has come to the boil, pour into a strainer. After it has cooled, wring out well.
Put it back in the pot, pour in the almond milk and bring to the boil.
You can cook fresh cabbage in the same way.

Volker Bach – Is that Middle Czech? I didn’t know we had recipe sources! Great find! It’s interestingly close to the way German sources describe leeks and greens being cooked. Almond milk, often thickened, played a significant role here.

Volker Bach – I do like creamed leeks.

Volker Bach – Yes! It is. 🙂

Tanya Washburn – So these are whole pickled cabbages, that you then slice, blanch in water (I assume to reduce the salt) the serve in hot almond milk. I can see how that’s a way to get some vegetables on the table during lent, and the rest of the long weeks when there’s little fresh from the garden.

Mindy Balderas – What is the almond milk referring to? I don’t think using a carton of Almond breeze from the grocery store would be the same thing since that kind of almond milk was invented within my lifetime.

Mindy Balderas – basically almonds are ground up with some kind of liquid so their oils and some solids go into suspension,then the liquid is strained. Not very different from modern almond milk

Paul Holden – Not sure I see where the fermentation is to make it sauerkraut, it reads more like just sauces cabbage.

Amanda Forest – Holy crap, I could read some that! Didn’t know how much was still up there! lol.

Vincent D. Lobascio – None of this makes any sense. Almond milk in sauerkraut? I wasnt aware almond milk existed in the 15th century. I tried to translate and the language is not detectable.

Vincent D. Lobascio – Almond milk has been in Europe for a long time. Popular during Lent.

Vincent D. Lobascio – almond milk is in pretty much every medical cooking ms. Just not out of a carton 🙂

Vincent D. Lobascio – here’s a start:…/almond-milk-medieval… SECONDSHISTORY.COM, Almond milk: A medieval obsession — SECONDS | Food history, Almond milk: A medieval obsession — SECONDS | Food history

Vincent D. Lobascio – sunflower seed milk was popular with my Indigenous ancestors before the Europeans arrived.

Vincent D. Lobascio – Almond milk, was used in all Catholic Countries, as Milk and Dairy products were not allowed on certain days, and so was replaced by Almond Milk. Not just for Lent.

Sewing – 

How to Dye with Birch Bark @History Science Fiber – Birch trees (in the genus Betula) give an incredible range of colour, from peachy-pinks and salmon greys in the bark to brilliant yellows and chocolate browns in the leaves. Common in many forests of the Northern hemisphere, this video explores the steps you need to take to naturally dye with birch bark to achieve these amazing colours. Natural dyeing is an amazing way to create your own sustainable ecodyes. – Note: through researching this video, I found out 11 trees in the Betula genus are of conservation concern and red-listed with the IUCN. Please do some sleuthing in your area to help ensure you’re harvesting bark sustainably and responsibly. – How to dye with birch leaves: – I’m a wildlife ecologist who specializes in management and conservation of endangered species. I’m passionate about exploring the natural world and connecting people with nature through fiber and science. Please never cook using any of your dye equipment and always store your plants, lichens and mushrooms safely. –

Sundials, etc. – 

Large Medicine chest of Vincenzo Guistiniani, leather covered, probably made for Vincenzo Guistiniani, Genoese Governor of between ca.1562 and 1566. Some of the bottles contained within this elaborate medicine chest still appear to have their 16th-century contents, including compounds such as rhubarb powder, juniper water and mustard oil.

Making STEEL from IRON, Part 3: Welding a Patterned Blade | Blacksmithing – Today we will be forging the steel that we had previously refined from iron, and later welded into bars, in order to recreate a Norwegian seax. – The seax, or sax, was a medium to large single-edged Germanic knife. Today we recognize the seax most for the distinctive twisting pattern in the steel of the blade, but that pattern was far from universal in historical artifacts, and twisted pattern welding was common in Europe from late antiquity to the early middle ages. Blade shapes, handle construction and other identifying features of varied widely by time location and culture, because seax simply means “cutting tool” – it shares etymological root with scissors. – Lynne Fairchild

Making STEEL from Iron, Part 4: Refining the Blade | Blacksmithing – In today’s video, we are going to refine the shape of the blade for a Norwegian seax with hammers and files, before going ahead with the hardening. – Interesting things happen when you hand forge an object, and we’ll get to see the real results of internal stresses and decarburization that a smith will have to deal with to create a successful knife. – Lynne Fairchild

Herb Bunch – Anja worked in the garden on Tue/Wed and got some more pix on Thurs. & Sun.

The sun halo – This persisted from noon until the sun was westering behind the trees around 6pm!

A garden lunch – Lettuces from the garden, swiss/gruyere/mozzarella cheese, and a blue cheese sauce.

Planting Marigolds/Lettuces/Garlics/Weeding – Succession planting is really important in such a small garden.



Other stuff

Project Day – Anja started the day with processing pix and then started to edit pages online. WordPress was fighting and the net was slow. Frustrating.

Gudrun was first to check in. She’s doing cosplay photos today, and having trouble with her swords. The ceiling is too low! So, she headed outside and got a good batch there.

Estella – “I sewed a spangle back onto my “gypsy dress,” a smock-dress my Mother gave me many many years ago. Hey, that’s a big deal for me! I had to thread the needle and I need new glasses! That was the hardest part! I love this smock. The main reason is that it still fits me, LOL!
I did notice for the first time, what is stamped onto the little metal spangles. I’d bet my saintly Roman Catholic Mother never noticed the Hindu symbols.”

Ailantha – “A bustle of activity here as all complete last minute projects for Egil’s Tourney: sewing, filling project bags for classes to be taught, baking, completing woodworking projects, packing, printing display lables…the list goes on and on lol.”

Helen Louise posted, “Just finished early coat for my kid, new early outfit for myself and packing GoldKey in school bus getting ready for Egils 2022 – Adiantum . “

Feast Planning – Mostly working on online pages this week. Spent a bit of time on the cookbook over Thur-Sun. …and some time on the spice mix sheet/page.


Fish sausages from the Inntalkochbuch – Another expensive illusion food for Lent.

Lenten eggs (almond) and bratwurst (figs and raisins) Similar dish

<<31>> Pratwürst von vischenBratwurst sausages of fishChop the pike finely and add good spices and use caraway in it. Place that on a skewer and roast it, and baste it with fat. Serve it with sugar, ginger, and traget (a spice mixture)

There is not much to this recipe – it is a shaped dish made from finely chopped fish like we have many in the medieval corpus. In this case, the sausage shape is created not by filling a gut (or swim bladder), but by shaping the mass around a spis, a spit or skewer. Given the typical size of bratwurst sausages, this is likely a small implement, something like the köfte skewers used in Turkey today. Beyond that, we learn little worthwhile about technique. Other such recipes describe using egg or flour to give the mass cohesion and shaping it with moistened hands. That may well have been done here, too. As with all fresh fish recipes, this was an expensive pleasure.

Miscellaneous pix


You gotta see this one! It’s original music! (…and if I hadn’t told ya, wouldn’t you have twigged to it?)

Travel to the New World – A Renaissance Military Suite (2021) by Eduardo Antonello – Hello! This is my last composition “Travel to the New World – A Renaissance Military Suite (2021)” dedicated to Fred F –
As usual, all instruments were played by me as the recordings and audio/video editions. Early Music in a Different Way 😉

Musica Antiqua – Schiarazula Marazula
Danza popular italiana de finales del siglo XV. Es muy conocida, y esta es la versión interpretada por la formación Musica Antiqua.
Que sea tan conocida es algo que debemos al compositor italiano Giorgio Mainerio, quien en 1578 arregló la danza recogiéndola junto a muchas otras en el libro Il Primo Libro de Balli.
La danza fue utilizada en cierto tipo de rituales, motivo por el cual llegó a estar prohibida por la Inquisición, que no veía con buenos ojos dichos ritos.

Musica Antiqua – Schiarazula Marazula
Popular Italian dance of the finals of Chapter XV. It is very popular, and it is the version interpreted by the Antiqua Music formation.
That I know this is something that debates to the Italian composer Giorgio Mainerio, who in 1578 arranged the recourse of the young to many others in the book Il Primo Libro de Balli.
The dance is used in the right type of rituals, motivated by any legal reason to be banned by the Inquisition, which does not come with good eyes.

Renaissance Suite David Munrow and the Early Music Consort of London

  • Track 1: – 0:00 – Hans Hassler: Lustgarden – Intrada VI, Intrada VII
  • Track 2: – 2:55 – Michael Praetorius: Terpsichore – Bransle double de Poictou, Bransle gay double
  • Track 3: – 4:44 – David Munrow – Bagpipe solo I, Bagpipe solo II
  • Track 4: – 7:38 – Tielmann Susato: Danceyre – Basse danse: Dont vient cela
  • Track 5: – 11:38 – Anon., 16th c. – O death rock me asleep
  • Track 6: – 15:00 – Michael Praetorius: Terpsichore – Bransle simple
  • Track 7: – 17:18 – David Munrow – The six days of Grenoble
  • Track 8: – 19:12 – Anon., Italy, 14th c. – Tristan’s Lament
  • Track 9: – 23:50 – David Munrow – The Race Against Oneself
  • Track 10: – 27:04 – Giovanni Macque – Consonanze Stravaganti
  • Track 11: – 28:49 – Pierre Phalèse: Premier livre de Danseries – Basse galliarde, Michael Praetorius: Terpischore – Galliarde
  • Track 12: – 31:52 – Arcangelo Corelli, Op. 5, No 12 – La folie d’Espagne – Arcangelo Corelli: – Division flúte

New and Updated Pages

Foods from the Norse –


It’s not a mature pun until it’s full groan!

Quoting Sir Walter Raleigh, “I had it ruff.”

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Largesse, Gifts and Auction items
·       ASXLVIII = 88
·         ASXLIX = 794
·         ASL = 2138
·         ASLI = 731
·         ASLII = 304
·         ASLIII = 146
·         ASLIV & ASLV = 230
·         ASLVI = 177 plus bookmarks, thread waxers, 4 puppets, 4 powder fort, 8 cheese spice and 9 powder douce packets, 1 kiss-lock pouch, 10 tiny bobs, 7 pincushions, 3 pins, 3 snip case w/snips, 23lucet cords, 25 pouches for block-printing, 2 medium pouch, 4 small pouches, 12 bookmarkers, 14 unfinished pincushions, 1 sewing kit (except for bone needle), varnished stuff (124), 2 emery strawberries, 1 woolen spool-knit cord, 48 key bottle openers, 4 dishcloths
Total as a Household = 4238 handed off

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