Cooking and vegetables were the focus in the early part of the week, plus Adiantum’s A&S night. Later in the week there was some sewing and garden work. Project Day was very quiet, so I did a bit of clipart.

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Herbs in the Garden, Sewing and Project Day are ongoing. Masks required. We’re keeping right on with the virtual meetings side-by-side with the actual. 

Slug from Herbal Milan 1390s
  • Herb Bunch – At Ancient Light, Thursdays, 7am-9pm, on hold
  • Herb Workshop, In the Garden – Almost weekly over the summer. Please ask to join the facebook chat! Usually at 3pm on Wednesdays.
  • Sewing Time – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 3-5pm
  • Project Day – At Ancient Light, Sundays, 1 to 4pm
  • Cheese and Wine happens irregularly, usually announced with little notice on our Facebook group.

Next Potluck – Next Potluck – 8/21, 9/18, 10/16, 11/20, 12/18

Pink geranium

Winter Feast LVI, Norse Theme. Page here – More pages coming!

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and various projects, original here:  and new one here: and number three is here:


Pennsic University Channel –


Ongoing meeting/event! Adiantum Arts & Sciences Update
With the arrival of summer, we will once again begin meeting in hybrid meetings, outdoors, beginning on Tuesday July 19th.
On that date we will begin an 8 week series of classes and activities leading up to a mini Medieval Pilgrimage across our small town.
(already held) July 19th This will be a short history of Pilgrimages in the middle ages. August 2(already held): A brief history and hands on construction of Pilgrims Bags preparatory to our mini pilgrimage on September 24th..

August 16: a short diversion from our theme to a class on the history and construction of Arrow building 101, scheduled months ago. HL Alan Bowyer will be our guest presenter.
August 30: historic background of and hands on construction of walking sticks for pilgrimages
September 13: history of and hands on construction of bag shoes presented By HL Hrodr-Navar Hakonsson Steve Alter OP

AUG 12 AT 3 PM – AUG 14 AT 12 PM – The Long & Short of It – Event by Barony of Terra Pomaria and Stephen A Trickel – 9755 Willamette St, Aumsville, OR 97325-9625, United States
The Long and Short of it is a summer gathering for Terra Pomeranians and friends. Championships will be held for Heavy Fighters, Archery both young and old, and thrown weapons. Prize Tournaments for Rapier, Cut and Thrust, a Youth A&S challenge, and Equestrian Challenges in memory of Mistress Lady Macha the Determined. A potluck will be held Saturday, with a roast provided by the Thegn Clovis and Baronesa Ximena. All attendees are encourage to bring a tasty dish to share.

September 2 , 2022 until September, 5 2022 – SEPTEMBER CROWN 2022 – Kitsap County Fairgrounds and Event Center – 1200 Fairgrounds Rd NW Bremerton, WA 98311 – Please join your friends and family from around the Kingdom (and those traveling from far distant lands) as we witness the fierce competition amongst those who would vie for the Sable Lion Throne of An Tir. The warriors who would claim such title must be fierce in deeds and chivalrous in nature. The finest representatives of these traits will be present at this most worthy of occasions. September Crown is also the occasion of the Kingdom of An Tir Protector Championship (archery and related), as well as the An Tir Kingdom Equestrian Championship. Both competitions will be glorious to watch. The location is within the beautiful lands of The Barony of Dragon’s Laire, where Their Excellencies Kloe of Thira and Arion the Wanderer await your arrival. We will do our best to ensure your stay with us is something to bring memories lasting a lifetime.

September 16 , 2022 – September, 18 2022 – SUMMITS CORONET – Briaroak – Come bear witness to the grand tournament that will select the heirs to the Alpine Thrones.


JAN 13, 2023 AT 12 PM – JAN 15, 2023 AT 5 PM – An Tir 12th Night 2023 – Valley River Inn
Event by Barony of Adiantum, Pam Perryman and Esther Reese
Hello From An Tir 12th Night 2023!
12th Night 2023 will be held in the Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Oregon). Our event site is the lovely Valley River Inn, which is happy to host the SCA again.
For those new to the site, the “SCA block” is the entire hotel! The staff is friendly, with many having been our hosts at past events in their hotel. They know us, and they love our events. At 12th Night 2020, fifty-three+ hotel staff worked with Gold Key to wear garb during the work shift. It’s a welcoming space that’s all ours for the weekend!
Your event Stewards are Dame Yseult of Broceliande Ol, OP (Pam Perryman) and Honorable Emma Haldane (Esther Reese).The best way to reach them is to send an email to
The event email will be checked at least once a day, and usually several times a day.
Site Fee is $30.00, with a $5.00 discount for SCA members. There is no pre-registration or payment; pay and sign in at the gate.
The event page is hosted on the An Tir server, on the calendar page.
That will always be the most up-to-date place for information:

Dance Vids – Branle de la guerre – Válečný branle – Adéla Jelínková

Branle des chevaulx – Koňský branle – Adéla Jelínková

Classes – 

Why Did Medieval People Love Sheep So Much? | Tudor Monastery Farm | Chronicle – Chronicle – Medieval History Documentaries – The Tudor industry of wool production was known as `the jewel in the realm’ of the English economy, it accounted for around half the country’s wealth. The monasteries capitalized on this massively, owning flocks that numbered thousands of sheep and keeping a virtual monopoly on the export of wool to foreign countries.

A Brief History Of Elizabeth I – Elizabeth I Of England – Brief History

Early Week – Not much except plant watering and Adiantum’s A&S night, which was on Pilgrim Bags.

Album: Cycle of the months, Castello del Buonconsiglio, c. 1400 – These are the frescos that have the snowballing incident. 🙂 –

Cookery – 

The new redaction got tried on Tuesday (recipe below). Easy peasy, and it might made a decent dish for the side table for feasts.

Farmer’s market – They had kohlrabi! I also got carrots, a squash, some onions, new potatoes, lemon cucumbers, green beans, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, cherries, plums and blackberries. I think I went a little overboard….

…but we had kohlrabi and new potatoes in butter sauce with a bit of bacon for protein as supper. Some of the kohlrabi were old enough to be “splintery”, but most were just great, and the *flavor*!!!!! ….and new potatoes are just delicious.

Tempus made bread on Thursday. A roll with cucumber slices & butter, plus a little soup, makes a great lunch.

I spent awhile on Wednesday chopping up the harvested greens after I got the them washed, but the kohlrabi greens had to wait into night, since my hands were giving me heck from peeling the kohlrabi…. worth it, though…. finished up the greens… one more set to go. …

The rest of the soup got frozen Thursday morning.

…and I was still eating fruit on Sunday! …and the rest of the plums are going into jam on Monday.

A Glossary of Cookery and Other Terms –

Sewing – One mundane showed up to show off a pouch. Anja is working on a new blackwork and also made a pouch for the cords for her tablet.

Did Medieval Women Wear Underpants? – The Creative Contessa

I Made an Elizabethan Blackwork Shirt For My Partner || Renaissance Menswear [CC] – Opus Elenae – IN WHICH our intrepid recreatrix finally finishes a project after six extra months of work. Join me as I make a completely handsewn masculine Elizabethan blackwork shirt for my Partner.

Sundials, etc. – New page! Sciences bits – – It’s mostly time-pieces, which will eventually have their own page.

Oseberg table top – Sven Skildbiter –

Cutting duck feathers for arrow fletches using different knives – Sven Skildbiter –

Herb Bunch – Watering and weeding mostly this week. I was out in the garden on Wednesday for Herbs in the Garden, mostly weeding, and I got the worst-off of the cardoons replanted. I was thinking about putting out the slug bait that Tempus bought, but I didn’t get that far. I was harvesting some overgrown herbs and greens, too. I have a couple of tomatoes that I’m keeping an eye on, but they’re not ripening, yet.

Project Day – Anja worked on the report and chatted with a few people online.

Helen Louise wrote, “Helen Louise – Busy getting ready to go to Crater Lake for a few days. My workroom is a mess, had a group of teens learning to sew this week and people needing garb consults from Gold Key. A reminder that 12th Night 2023 will have a Venetian ball, so start thinking on what fancy garb is in your era… I’m doing Elizabethan goes to Venice 1570s. SCA prom, here we come…”

Arlys wrote, “Project Day. The blackworked cover for the Etymology miniature book. Book is approx. 1.5 ” tall, .75″ wide, and 0.5″ thick.”

Feast Planning – The egg recipe will work for one of the afternoon dishes.


Eggs in Mustard Sauce – Anja’s version – edited from Kiriel’s Kitchen – 6 servings


  • 1 dozen eggs (older are better, good way to use ‘em up!)
  • 1/2 stick butter (4 TBSP)
  • 2 TBSP mustard
  • splash of cider vinegar
  • salt to taste (I just sprinkled it well)
  • ½ tsp horseradish powder


  1. Hard boil the eggs – old eggs are best for this as they will peel much more easily than new.
  2. When you’re ready to serve, peel the eggs and quarter them and put into bowls (2 per serving.
  3. Melt the butter in a saucepan and allow it to brown just a little, add the rest if the ingredients and stir well until it thickens.
  4. Pour over the eggs and serve.

Note – This is a quick snack or light supper, especially with various pickles and a roll. The eggs can be cold or warm.

Original recipe – Seeth your Egges almost harde, then peele them and cut them in quarters, then take a little Butter in a frying panne and melt it a little broune, the put to it in to the panne, a little Vinegar, Mustarde, Pepper and Salte, and then put it into a platter upon your Egges. –J. Partridge, The Widowes Treasure, 1585

Miscellaneous pix


Medieval music – Arany Zoltán

0:06 Saltarello della Pioggia – Italy, 14th century
2:29 Mirie it is while sumer y last – England, 13th century
4:35 Palästinalied – Germany, 13th century
8:26 Estampie – France, 12th century
10:56 Da que Deus mamou – Spain, 13th century
15:34 Ai vist lo lop – Provence, 14th century
18:57 In taberna quando sumus – Germany, 13th century
21:53 Deinceps ex nulla – Germany, 14th century
27:47 Santa Maria strella do dia – Spain, 13th century
30:20 Laudar vollio per amore – Italy, 15th century
34:25 Saltarello la Regina – Italy, 14th century
37:11 Tourdion – France, 16th century
40:56 Ecco la primavera – Italy, 14th century
43:22 Platerspiel – Germany, 16th century
45:22 Saltatio Mortis – Italy, 14th century
48:48 Pase el agoa – Spain, 16th century
51:38 Je ne l’ose dire – France, 16th century
52:36 Riu riu chiu – Spain, 16th century
55:23 Sokféle részögösről – Hungary, 16th century
58:17 Parson’s farewell – England, 17th century
1:00:16 Schiarazula Marazula – Italy, 16th century
1:02:26 Greensleeves – England, 16th century
1:05:30 Non é gran cousa – Spain, 13th century
1:09:18 S’om pogues partir son voler – Provence, 12th century

John Dowland: Up merry mates – Passamezzo – From A Pilgrimes Solace, 1612

Richard de Winter: tenor
Peter Willcock: bass
Eleanor Cramer: soprano
Tamsin Lewis: alto
Robin Jeffrey: lute
Alison Kinder: bass viol
Lynda Sayce: lute

Up merry mates, to Neptunes prayse,
Your voyces high advance:
The watrie Nymphs shall dance,
and Eolus shall whistle to your layes.
Stereman, how stands the winde?
Full North, North-east.
What course?
Full South, South-west.
no worse,
and blow so faire,
Then sinke despayre,
Come solace to the minde,
ere night we shall the haven finde.
O happy dayes,
who may containe,
but swell with proud disdaine,
when seas are smooth, sailes full and all things please?

Stay merry mates, proud Neptune lowres,
Your voyces all deplore you,
The Nymphes stand weeping o’re you:
And Eolus and Iris bandy showres.
Mr. Boates man hale in the Boate.
Harke, harke the ratlings,
’Tis haile.
Make fast the tacklings.
Strike saile.
Make quicke dispatches,
Shut close the hatches.
Hold sterne, cast Ancour out,
This night we shall at random floate.
O dismall houres,
Who can forbeare,
But sinke with sad despaire.
When seas are rough, sailes rent, and each thing lowres.

The golden meane that constant spirit beares,
in such extreams that nor presumes nor feares

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Visby – It looks like part of the wall is coming apart again. –

How to tell if a woman is in love with you – medieval edition –

Beating the heat: Handheld fans in medieval China –

A Medieval Wedding Feast in Bologna –

An Anchoress Burned at the Stake –

The story of a Russian Princess who became a European Empress –

Archeologists Discover Symbols Written by the Lost ‘Painted People’ of Scotland –

A Homestead From the 14th Century (some really good pictures!) –

Frýdlant Castle

Also –

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Video Links & Podcasts

Harvesting Lime Bast: part two – Sally Pointer – Following on from the video where we felled lime (small leaved lime, tilia cordata) and peeled the bark, this has been retting for a couple of months and is now ready to be separated into fine bast strips ready for use in cordage and basketry.

Why is this angel covered in bees? | National Gallery – The National Gallery – And what does this tell us about myths and their meaning?

Going to Church in Medieval England with Nicholas Orme – Medievalists – During the Middle Ages, the church was at the very heart of European society, but how did ordinary people interact with it in their daily lives? This week, Danièle speaks with Nicholas Orme about the churchgoing experience of everyday medieval people, how it changed over time, and what it was like to attend a medieval mass.

Historic Three Lions pendant uncovered prior to England Lionesses’ football victory – Hidden History – Railway workers and archaeologists discovered a striking Three Lions pendant on the eve of the England women’s football team’s – the ‘Lionesses’ triumph in the European Championships.

Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know about Henry VIII’s Greatest Palace – The Tudor Travel Guide – Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know about Henry VIII’s Greatest Palace – Take a stroll down Tudor King Street (today known as Whitehall) in London with your Tudor guide. We will pass by Henry VIII’s greatest palace to reach the royal enclave of Westminster. (Note: The full version of the video is only available to my Connoisseur level channel members.)

The Great Fire and the end of Medieval London

New and Updated Pages

Sciences Bits –

Stories and Bardic Tales –


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Largesse, Gifts and Auction items
·       ASXLVIII = 88
·         ASXLIX = 794
·         ASL = 2138
·         ASLI = 731
·         ASLII = 304
·         ASLIII = 146
·         ASLIV & ASLV = 230
·         ASLVI & ASLVII = 181 plus bookmarks, 4 puppets, 4 powder fort, 8 cheese spice and 9 powder douce packets, 1 kiss-lock pouch, 10 tiny bobs, 7 pincushions, 3 pins, 3 snip case w/snips, 23lucet cords, 25 pouches for block-printing, 2 medium pouch, 4 small pouches, 12 bookmarkers, 14 unfinished pincushions, 1 sewing kit (except for bone needle), varnished stuff (124), 2 emery strawberries, 1 woolen spool-knit cord, 46 key bottle openers, 4 dishcloths, box of thread waxers.
Total as a Household = 4240 handed off

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