Wow…. way, way, late…. Shrewsbury threw things off, since your scribe was in Eugene/King’s Valley for 5 days. Faire was hot, smoky and dusty and *great*! The prep time was awful, since the Faire lost several of the crew right at the last and had to scramble, but we were up and running on time! The write-up has taken so much space that I’ve left out some of the usual sections, but there’s a candy recipe below.

Anja’s displays

This week, things are running on time.

Herbs in the Garden, Sewing and Project Day are ongoing. Masks required. We’re keeping right on with the virtual meetings side-by-side with the actual. 

  • Herb Bunch – At Ancient Light, Thursdays, 7am-9pm, on hold
  • Herb Workshop, In the Garden – Almost weekly over the summer. Please ask to join the facebook chat! Usually at 3pm on Wednesdays.
  • Sewing Time – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 3-5pm
  • Project Day – At Ancient Light, Sundays, 1 to 4pm
  • Cheese and Wine happens irregularly, usually announced with little notice on our Facebook group.
Helen and Johanna

Next Potluck – Next Potluck – 9/18, 10/16, 11/20, 12/18

Winter Feast LVI, Norse Theme. Page here – https://housecapuchin.com/winter-feast/winter-feast-norse-feast-as-lvi-february-2022/ More pages coming!

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and various projects, original here:  https://housecapuchin.wordpress.com/portfolio/  and new one here:  https://housecapuchin2.wordpress.com/portfolio/ and number three is here: https://housecapuchin3.wordpress.com/portfolio/

Misc – Mike Rauthulfr Wolfe – “Why, yes. I do recall when I finally stepped down from Grand Puntiff. Thank you for asking! (There wasn’t room to write out ‘PuntifEx’ in full) 😉”

Shrewsbury Renn Faire

Helen Louise said, “The Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire was Smoky but fun. Thanks Amy Harper for organizing the SCA booths and all your lovely baronies hard work. Thank you to our wonderful Adiantum Chatelaine Johanna Trewpeny and MaryAnne Anja Bues Bartlett for the fun day. Thank you Steve Alter for the loan of the Skep, thanks Pam Perryman , Alan Roberts and Bonnie Williams for saving the day with extra pavilions and tables … Hopefully Sunday will not be as hot and smoky… Thank you Heidi Lorraine and family for all the help when we needed it most… And my Hobbit John you are wonderful.”

Anja’s Notes on the Weekend

Wednesday – I made marzipan and packed overnight, then packed the last stuff when I got up just before noon. We got to the farmer’s market on the way into town and we’re packing the car at 2pm….. We need to stop in Florence on the way, but we’re hoping to make Eugene around 6pm…. hoping.

So, we got on the road at a touch before 3:30. We stopped at the coffee place in Yachats since I still hadn’t had any coffee for the day. We rolled on through to Florence, chatting about projects, mostly, then got gas and some sundries at Freddies, and burgers at McD’s, and headed into the valley on 126.

Something that surprised me was how many of the maples are very dry and brown. It’s only September! I actually dozed off during the last stretch into Eugene.

We made it to Helen’s at 6:30, offloaded and Loren headed back. Everyone helped to get my pile into my room. We ate at around 7:30 and talked and talked. Her kids are fun! …and I’m still typing. The tablet isn’t nearly as flexible as the regular keyboard!

Thursday – Wednesday evening I turned in around 8:30 but wrote for a while and managed to get the newsletter out, although it took awhile, typing stuff that’s usually copy/paste. I was up during the night with asthma, but got enough sleep to go on with. Someone tapped on my door at 8:30 or so and we headed out sooner than I expected, with not just Helen, but Johanna, leaving John to bring a lot of stuff in the other car. We stopped for coffee and the headed to King’s Valley. Even though we had a whole day to work, the site wasn’t laid out, so we spent the whole day just sitting around! Well, it was nice to visit and chat with some folks that we rarely see…

Friday – Thursday evening I walked in from the site and collapsed and didn’t move except to type until midnight. Then I was mostly lying down, although I did at least repack some stuff. I was awake around 4am and the moon was setting, looking like a nibbled wheel of really old cheddar.

Once I was up, around 8:30, I spent some time hacky-choppy to put some stuff together for lunch. One of the youngsters was cooking brunch, and everyone else was milling and yawning. The light was orange and Helen had to go help a neighbor who was wheezing. (who ended up in the hospital!) We had a lovely brunch. Some of the youngsters headed out at that point and everyone scattered. I decided on a nap. Once I was up, I caught some photos outside. We were waiting for the young folks to get back. Their power is going to be off because of the fire danger, so they went out to their farm, to do chores and take care of their animals.

We finally got on the road at 3:30. The smoke was bad, but as we drove north we got out from under the edge of the cloud. Pavilions and things were just starting to go up when we got to the site, so I was just as useless as the day before. I embroidered for a while, doing a short class for and interested young lady, then pulled out my tablet and read until I started yawning. I was offered the use of a nap spot and slept for a couple of hours at which point we headed home. The moon was more red than orange… Ominous.

Saturday – Friday evening I was tired enough that I went to sleep almost immediately. The tap on the door at 7:30 was only tolerable because I was up and getting dressed. We were in the car by 8am and since Johanna was still on the way, we went to fetch some coffees. We were completely packed and on the way by 8:30. There was ash falling, even after we got to the site, and the sun was blood-red.

Despite that, my displays were mostly done by 10, and with a little help, complete within another 20 minutes. It was beastly hot, 91F. We didn’t have a good breeze the way the previous two days had been, either. I talked and talked to the people who stopped to look at my displays. I needed the mask for the smoke (The filter was brown that night!) …but it was too hot some of the time. By 3pm Helen had had enough and we retreated to the car and air-conditioning. Johanna nabbed her stuff and we headed for Eugene, stopping for ice cream and chatting a mile a minute.

We crashed once we were back. I managed to wake for supper, but decided to go back to bed instead of watching a movie. I finally woke near 11, sorted various belongings, then started on this. I have my embroidery with me, a sampler, but I’ll probably sleep again soon.

Sunday – I didn’t get the newsletter out until 1am, Sunday morning. The writing is more difficult on the tablet. I had already had 5 hours of sleep by then and slept more than not until past 7. Everyone else was still asleep, so I did a bit of sorting and repacking, then curled up to write. I kept dozing off until nearly 9 and then one of the youngsters was going to make breakfast, which took another hour…  We finally got to the site about about 12:30 and I had people in the booth in seconds! 

I talked all afternoon. Surprisingly, even with the bad air quality from smoke I wasn’t all that hoarse or coughing. At various points I had up to 4 groups in the tent at once, which takes some interesting talking…. There were some folks who are really interested in the SCA and others who were into history, but I had a great time. I love getting young folks turned onto history!

Around 5pm the sky opened up and we had a sharp shower that produced a wonderful rainbow, and then later (short) showers created an amazing sunset. We were tearing down at 6pm and I was done in about 20 minutes. We had a memorial service for Alys (AmyCat, Book Universe, ran the SCA part of this event for years….) and Antonia (scribal/painting) around 6:30, telling each other lots of memories of these two amazing women.

They stuffed me into the car, to keep me from trying to help, at that point. There were distinct overtones of ,”Sit! Stay!” to the comments, but I get it because I ended up hurting myself on the big stuff…. I fell asleep…. We headed out, just about a dark with about 10 minutes of tear-down to go, and grabbed a table at the 15th Street Taproom (I think that’s the name…) for a short afterparty with the folks who finished up. I had a lovely IPA, and an amazing (huge!) soft pretzel with a delicious mustard. I actually asked for a box just for the mustard and brought it home to Loren.

When we got back to Helen’s we both just fell into bed. 

Monday – Yesterday, I fell asleep, waking at 8 and then dropping off again in the middle of packing up. There was a tap on the door, “breakfast!” at 10 and I managed to scramble into clothes and head for the table. We were watching the Queen’s funeral while we were eating.

After that it only took me about 15 minutes to finish packing, but that doesn’t count getting everything into the car. I left them the rest of the tomatoes and cucumbers, but managed to get everything into the original containers. 🙂 After the car was full, we stopped for coffee and then rolled for the coast and home. The smoke cleared a bit as we were driving, although the Valley was still messy, but it’s been much nicer here at home, even if the light is a little pinkish.


Ongoing meeting/event! Adiantum Arts & Sciences Update
With the arrival of summer, we will once again begin meeting in hybrid meetings, outdoors, beginning on Tuesday July 19th.
On that date we will begin an 8 week series of classes and activities leading up to a mini Medieval Pilgrimage across our small town.
(already held) July 19th This will be a short history of Pilgrimages in the middle ages. August 2(already held): A brief history and hands on construction of Pilgrims Bags preparatory to our mini pilgrimage on September 24th..
August 30: historic background of and hands on construction of walking sticks for pilgrimages – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMZ7Dx3ShBA
September 13: history of and hands on construction of bag shoes presented By HL Hrodr-Navar Hakonsson Steve Alter OP

September 16 , 2022 – September, 18 2022 – SUMMITS CORONET – Briaroak – Come bear witness to the grand tournament that will select the heirs to the Alpine Thrones.


December 17 , 2022, 10am-10pm – ADIANTUM YULE – The Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Lane County, OR ) – The Barony of Adiantum celebrates the coming of winter with Baronial Court, a potluck dinner, and a day of friendship.


JAN 13, 2023 AT 12 PM – JAN 15, 2023 AT 5 PM – An Tir 12th Night 2023 – Valley River Inn
Event by Barony of Adiantum, Pam Perryman and Esther Reese
Hello From An Tir 12th Night 2023!
12th Night 2023 will be held in the Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Oregon). Our event site is the lovely Valley River Inn, which is happy to host the SCA again.
For those new to the site, the “SCA block” is the entire hotel! The staff is friendly, with many having been our hosts at past events in their hotel. They know us, and they love our events. At 12th Night 2020, fifty-three+ hotel staff worked with Gold Key to wear garb during the work shift. It’s a welcoming space that’s all ours for the weekend!
Your event Stewards are Dame Yseult of Broceliande Ol, OP (Pam Perryman) and Honorable Emma Haldane (Esther Reese).The best way to reach them is to send an email to 12thnight2023@antir.org.
The event email will be checked at least once a day, and usually several times a day.
Site Fee is $30.00, with a $5.00 discount for SCA members. There is no pre-registration or payment; pay and sign in at the gate.
The event page is hosted on the An Tir server, on the calendar page.
That will always be the most up-to-date place for information: https://antir.org/events/twelfth-night-2023/

Early Week – Anja was all packing and planning. Loren went shopping for her and made bread.

Sewing – Anja was working on her sampler while manning her displays at the Faire.

Sorry it’s so fuzzy!

Sundials, etc. –

𝕭𝖔𝖔𝖐 𝖔𝖋 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖂𝖊𝖊𝖐: “Medieval Handgonnes: The First Black Powder Infantry Weapons” by Sean McLachlan, and illustrated by Gerry & Sam Embleton. Variously called handgonnes, hackbuts, coulevrines, pistolas, schiopettos, tyufyaks, and even bombardelles, the first black powder infantry weapons were extremely crude by today’s standards. But that would change, soon enough…

Herb Bunch – With Anja out of town, pretty much all was “pecking” at the weeds and Loren watering, both the garden and the shop plants. Anja got some nice pix of Helen’s lovely garden plants.

Project Day – Anja and Helen Louise were at Shrewsbury Renn Fair (pix above)

Loren monitored the computer stuff and worked on some wood finishing. “I am often intrigued by the idea of things that could have been done in period but weren’t, not because of some lack of a matrerial or technology we now have, but simply because nobody thought of it ….. a repeating longbow for example …..”

Ailantha said, “Today’s project has been to organize, label, and store my fabric hoard. Nearly done! Next will be to make more progress on a large black veil. It’s to have gold embroidery and freshwater pearls along the sides. Last night’s project was stringing a necklace for the lovely officer’s pendant I was gifted by Helen Louise ! It turned out well, I think.”


Two Recipes for Manus Christi – (more information to be found here: https://giveitforth.wixsite.com/giveitforth/post/manus-christi?fbclid=IwAR2jZPRdnrfbcS5z34xGG6hKWw-QpZBxdsR-lKvxMmYtznF9U9SIcEa2N54

Original Recipe

To make Manus Christi

Take halfe a pound of refined Suger, and some Rose water, and boyle them together, till it come to sugar again, then stirre it about while it be somewhat cold, then take your leaf gould, and mingle with it, then cast it according to art, That is in round gobbetts, and so keep them. (A Closet for Ladies and Gentlevvomen, 1608)

My Interpretation

Take half a pound of refined sugar and some rosewater and boil them together, till it come to sugar again, then stir it about while it be somewhat cold, then take your leaf gold, and mingle with it, then cast it according to art, that is in round gobbets, and so keep them.

Original Recipe

Wholesome and comfortable Manus Christi, for such as have weak stomachs

Dissolve some of the whitest Barbary suger you can get, with a little rosewater in a small shallowe pipkin,that cotaineth 3 or 4 ounces & glased within, and having a smal lip, boile the same upon a soft fire, unto a stifnesse, or consistency(as they terme it) till a drop thereof being powred out of the lip upon a cold stone, become hard, and nor clammy when it is cold. And when you have your sugar boiled to this heigth, then having a cleane Marble stone, first sprinkeled over with fine flower, poure the same out by peecemeale, making each of them of the bignes of a groat or tester, or thereabouts, and when they are thorow cold, having a few droppes of the oyle cynamon, Cloves, mace, nutmegs, &c. in a silver-sþoone, with a small feather, give each of the Manus Christi a tuch onely with a little oyle, on the tippe of the feather, and so you may prepare a great many together of them with such oyles as the physician shal give direction, and in the eating of them, you shall finde them to warme and comfort your stomach exceedingly. Some do put in their oyles in the boyling of the Sirrop, but I holde the first to be the better way, both because you may make of severall sorts at-once, as also for that these oyles being over heated do lose a great part of their grace in tast. (The Jevvel House Of Art And Nature, 1653)

My Interpretation

Dissolve some of the whitest Barbary sugar you can get, with a little rosewater in a small shallow pipkin, that contains 3 to 4 ounces and glazed within, and having a small lip, boil the same upon a soft fire, unto a stiffness or consistency (as they term it) till a drop thereof being poured out of the lip upon a cold stone, become hard, and neither clammy when it is cold. And when you have your sugar boiled to this height, then having a clean marble stone, first sprinkled over with fine flour, pour the same out by piecemeal making each of them of the bigness of a groat or tester, or thereabouts, and when they are thoroughly cold, having a few drops of the oil of cinnamon, cloves, mace, nutmegs, etc. in a silver- spoon, with a small feather, give each of the Manus Christi a touch only with a little oil on the tip of the feather, and so you may prepare a great many together of them with such oils as the physician shall give direction, and in the eating of them, you shall find them to warm and comfort your stomach exceedingly. Some do put in their oils in the boiling of the syrup, but I hold the first to be the better way, both because you make several sorts at once, as also for that these oils being overheated do lose a great part of their grace in taste.


  • 1 ½ cup sugar
  • ¾ cup rosewater
  • Opt: gold Leaf


  1. Mix sugar and rosewater together and set on medium-high heat.
  2. When the temperature reaches 245° F remove from heat
  3. Note: If you are using gold leaf, add it to the syrup at this point
  4. Stir with a wooden spoon until the candy starts to cloud and turn opaque.
  5. Drop cooling candy onto a marble stone or into a lightly oiled mold.
  6. Note: If you do not have marble or a mold use parchment paper that has been placed on top of a cookie sheet that you have refrigerated. You can use flour in lieu of oil. I don’t because I do not care for the taste of “raw” flour.
  7. Once cool, brush with cinnamon, mace, or clove oil.
  8. Store in an air-tight container at room temperature.


Once the candy begins to turn cloudy or opaque you have limited time to get it onto the mold or into shape. It almost immediately begins to set.

This candy is very fragile and sensitive to humidity. It will crumble and fragment until it has air dried completely.

What is Barbary Sugar? The finest imported sugar was the sugar that was made in Madiera, it was white and melted easily in a liquid. Barbary sugar was the next grade down and came from North Africa. It was imported in 100 pound loaves and broken up to be sold.

What is Manus Christi Height?

There has always been debate on what it means. I believe that it is the stage between the modern-day softball (235 – 240) and firm ball (245-250) because of the many descriptions of how the concentrated syrup is supposed to behave when it has reached the correct “candy height”. “

  • 36 Boile it untill it be almost Sugar againe, and at the last drop of your spoone there will a haire drop from it as fine as the haire of your head.” (The Marrow Of Physicke, 1648)
  • “37 Boile Sugar untill it will draw like a thred betweene your Finger, and your Thumbe.” (The Marrow Of Physicke, 1648)
  • “then boyle ito to a Candie height, that is, when it will draw like a thred betweene your finger and your thumbe;” (The Marrow Of Physicke, 1648)


Saltarello la Regina – played on hurdy gurdy – elektrovolt – Saltarello La Regina – Played on a Colson model hurdy gurdy made by Chris and Sabina Allen

𝔐𝔲𝔰𝔦𝔠𝔞 ℑ𝔟𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔠𝔞 – vol. I & II – Studio der Frühen Musik – Thomas Binkley, Andrea von Ramm – 𝔐𝔲𝔰𝔦𝔠𝔞 𝔐𝔢𝔡𝔦𝔢𝔳𝔞𝔩𝔢
Ensemble: Studio der Frühen Musik, dir. Thomas Binkley
Album: Musica Iberica vol. I & II
Video: Walters Ms. W.420, Almugavar Hours Spagna – 1510 circa – http://www.facebook.com/musicamedievale
Here is another great work by Thomas Binkley and his Studio der Fruhen Musik, this time on the early music of Spain, Portugal and Basque Country.


divider black grey greek key

Largesse, Gifts and Auction items
·       ASXLVIII = 88
·         ASXLIX = 794
·         ASL = 2138
·         ASLI = 731
·         ASLII = 304
·         ASLIII = 146
·         ASLIV & ASLV = 230
·         ASLVI & ASLVII = 187 plus bookmarks, 4 puppets, 4 powder fort, 8 cheese spice and 9 powder douce packets, 1 kiss-lock pouch, 10 tiny bobs, 7 pincushions, 3 pins, 3 snip case w/snips, 23lucet cords, 25 pouches for block-printing, 2 medium pouch, 4 small pouches, 12 bookmarkers, 14 unfinished pincushions, 1 sewing kit (except for bone needle), varnished stuff (124), 2 emery strawberries, 1 woolen spool-knit cord, 46 key bottle openers, 4 dishcloths, box of thread waxers.
Total as a Household = 4240 handed off

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