Huzzah, the new Alpine Scholar, His Lordship, Seamus O’Caelligh!

Seamus being a little dorky (and cute!) with Her Highness (C)2017 Gwyn ap Llewellyn In his Dr. Butt’s Hat!

The first sets of pix are from the Championship itself, photos of the three entrants, the 2nd set from the awesome displays, then courts, plus a few pictures taken later of scrolls and such, and a few extra pictures from the event. These are only from the A&S end of things, since many of us got to listen to Bardic, but not attend that part of the event.

Pictures are by members of House Capuchin, and (marked) by Gwyn. Some things may yet be added, pictures and captions.

First, the entrants and their displays

His Lordship, Seamus O’Caelligh, the new Alpine Scholar (more pix in “Courts”)

Seamus’s entries were a display of the Theriac/Mithridatum, his class on herbals (taught earlier in the month, and a paper on the Treatments of the Illnesses and Injuries of Henry VIII.

Her Ladyship Rafný Garansdottir ( )

Rafny’s entries were just what you see. A display of the Raven Banner of the Norse, an interactive Norse Meal and a Hedeby bag with other pieces in process.

…and here’s a nice write-up that Marya Kargashina did of Rafny’s Hedeby Bag –

Countess Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne

Berengaria had an interactive demo display of the Xacuti, a paper on the Portuguese Expansion,  (Full title – Discovery and Trade of Agricultural Crop Resources Via the Portuguese Estado da India in the 15th & 16th Centuries) and a class precis on Feast Management (class taught earlier in the season).

Those who set up displays

His Lordship Andrew Crowe had originally intended to enter the A&S Championship, but then won Captain of Cats, so withdrew. He still brought his archery equipment for display.

Viscount Tryggr Tyresson also did some kind of a demo with his stonework. I saw some of these in person and they were incredible! Quoting Temperance Trewelove, “The first four stones are modeled off a weather vane found in Heggen, Norway.. The second batch replicates the London Stone. Tryggr painted it with pigment he made from chalk and a tung oil varnish (similar ingredients to period). That painted stone sat outside for most of a year to test the durability.”

Her Ladyship Taran mac Tarl’a brought a number of things and set up a whole display.

Other classes went on during the event, a couple taught by folks from 17 hours away! Still looking for pictures of those….

Court stuff – There were two courts on Saturday. In the first, His Majesty gifted the entrants and Anja with coins and their oath was taken to the Principality. In the 2nd, the official hand-over of the office was done, with Seamus becoming the new Alpine Scholar and Anja a Jewel of the Summits. After that she got surprised with an award of the Lion’s Strength.

Goodies – Aside from things given in Court by his Majesty and Their Highnesses, largesse handed over and an awesome site token, Anja had a stash of goodies to present to the judges (no pix of these), mostly pincushions, whether blackworked or plain, but also one bone needle to a judge who already had been gifted with pincushions.

A write-up of the Jewel of the Summits scroll done by Marya Kargashina –

Other pictures from the event

divider black grey greek key

moving writing pen motifIn ministerio autem Somnium! Anja, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin
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