It’s been pretty quiet without the classes and Project Days. Not having the feast this year hurt, too, since that’s always my big thing of the year. Despite that, some things are still being planned. The House is going to have a display at the Greenwood Faire in Toledo at the end of June.

Toledo Faire 2023

Anja is planning to be at the Lane County Fair in July and also Shrewsbury in September. 

September 10-11, 2023

The gardens at Castle Pundergasp are doing well, and a few SCA things are happening. We’re making more of the bone needles, and Anja always has her embroidery. We’re also working on some clay reproduction toys and dolls for demos, plus more balls and dolls for prizes. 

In ministerio autem Somnium, 
Anna Javornica (aka, Anja Snihova’)