Well, friends, House Capuchin has had a good long run. It’s just about 10 years since we started this whole thing. It grew to be quite a big thing for awhile, but things change, and membership and participation has been dropping steadily. I’ve finally hit a point where what I can do isn’t enough and I don’t have enough oomph or help to keep going.

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My health hasn’t gotten better since I got COVID for the 2nd time and it turned into long-covid. I’m spending energy that I don’t have to spare to keep this up.

Part of the problem is that I don’t drive, any longer, which means that a lot lands on Loren. He ends up doubling the time out and back and with the driving that he does for his job, I can’t do that to him any longer. He’s also lost interest in House activities and has stopped participating.

Part is financial, as well. Things are tight enough that I probably can’t afford to get to the events, in any case. Also, I went through the figures for the feast and there’s just not enough in our budget to put it on. Business was bad for the shop this year and there’s no extra.

I’m going to leave the website and the Facebook group up. I’ll probably be online on Sundays, but I’m not going make the event pages anymore and I’ll stop doing the reports as regularly, since most of that has been my efforts for quite awhile.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of the things that the House has done over the years, and the friendship of all of you, but it’s time for my major participation to come to an end.

In ministerio autem Somnium,
Anna Javornica (aka Anja Snihova’)