House Capuchin Shield2Cameras are wonderful things….until they stop working. Anja’s been without a good one since January, so it’s nice having a new one. The pictures are a little weird yet, since she’s still working out how to make all the features behave. 🙂

We had a quiet week again, with some cookery and steady progress on Anja and Loren’s projects. This coming week all meetings are at the usual times.

1st batch

….probably cheese on Sunday.

  • Herb Bunch – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 11am-1pm
  • Sewing Time – At Ancient Light, Saturdays, 3-5pm
  • Project Day – At Ancient Light, Sundays, Noon to 6pm
  • Next Potluck – 5/20, 6/17, 7/15

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and various projects, original here:  and new one here: and number three is here:

Early Week – Embroidery and tinkle loom progress….

Cookery – After the soup on Sunday, Monday’s task was to make dumplings for it, with the farina recipe.

It turns out that 1 egg, 1/4 cup cream of wheat (farina) and 2 tsp olive oil, with a shake of salt and two shakes of dill is an ok recipe. The dumplings boiled in broth for just under 20 minutes and were kinda damp. (Instructions said to do that with even smaller dumplings. What are they smoking?) The 2nd batch we used a duck egg and no oil, and boiled for 10 and that turned out well. 3rd set turned out, “juuuuuuuuuuuuust right: That was 1 duck egg, 3/8 of a cup of farina. After sitting for 20 minutes it set up to a consistency that allowed it to be rolled into balls. They were chewy, but not too hard. …and boiled for 10, again.

Loren roasted a set of nuts for a snack food while Anja was working on the dumplings and we ended up serving some of each to the class that night.

Sewing – Anja was setting up pix for a tutorial on her blackwork blog. These are some progress pix, ending with Saturday’s.

Sewing Time – Saturday – Ended up getting mixed up with cheese, but Anja made some progress on the embroidery. (above)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Herb Bunch – Many kinds of herbs can be grown by clipping a bit off a plant and sticking it into some dirt. That was this week’s project. These are all basil, oregano and mint, and a couple of sprigs of lemon thyme got added on Sunday. We’ll see whether they take!

Cheese Workshop

Project Day – Loren was at the usual spot sanding the tinkle loom. Nick, Taylor, Rosie and Anja headed for Philomath and the Tanista’s get-together. Loren found the original tinkle loom during the day, so he has two to finish.

A poem about the day:

The woods were alive with the fragrance of spring
The chill winds did blow and winter did sing
But the power of Maypole will bring us the sun
So I said to them all that this would be done
And lo and behold at a quarter to three
The sun shone bright for all to see
So remember this dance when your one hundred and one
and keep a good thought for me and the Sun.  Sholeh of Susa (used with permission)

Anja’s take – We got to the shop really early and packed the lentils, a couple of kinds of cheese, the salt and some minimal feast gear, found my walker, etc. We got on the road a little later than planned, but had a good drive out.

We got the food that we brought set out and then we all tried our hand at painting some of the silk.

After those were all done we stood around and admired for a bit, then the Maypole got set up. The wind made the musicians have to shift into the lee of the hot tub shelter, but the Maypole got danced with live music and it was great fun to dance, judging by the big grins on the faces of the dancers. It was even more fun to watch!

The food all landed in the kitchen at that point and everyone got plenty. There were lots of different foods to try and the lentils got compliments.

Some of the foods – Pic by Cillian

Everything broke up into conversations at that point and people drifted from one to another. I heard several on fighting, one on RPG’s, was involved in one on music, another on babies and beards and many more. Taylor was working on her crochet and Anja, when she wasn’t helping juggle Rosie, had some blackwork out.

Rosie wasn’t the only small person there. One was drawing the chickens that were running around in the yard, pretending to be T-Rex. Another was in a cute purple gown with orange and yellow striped hose and kept looking at Rosie, like, “Who’s that?” 🙂

Eleanor gave several of us a tour of her beautiful garden and few us bits and pieces of herbs.

She has *huge* asparagus! …and her artichokes are already setting fruit. We talked a lot about the various herbs and the variations on them. …and she pulled a pot of costmary for me, that’s quite wilted, but ought to perk back up.

We invited a number of folks to come visit us at our Project Day and then headed home and had a good trip back, with Taylor, Rosie and me all falling asleep!

Once we were back at the shop, the rest took off. Loren and I unpacked my stuff and finished the last two servings of lentils, so he could wash the pot. I got my pictures processed and we headed home.

Miscellaneous pix



About the plant –

Early Medieval Gardens –

The “Last Tournament” (which was really the first….)

From Antonia (Arthurian Legends) –


Anja, Loren, Jay (v), Amy, Nick, Taylor, Rosie, Sasha (v), Amor (v)

divider black grey greek key

Largesse Item Count – (includes gifts, prizes, auction items, etc.)

  • ASXLVII = 24
  • ASXLVIII = 88
  • ASXLIX = 794
  • ASL = 2138
  • ASLI = 731
  • ASLII = 304
  • ASLIII – plus 25 pouches for block-printing, 15 (plus 25 unfinished) pincushion, 2 sewing kits (except for bone needles), varnished stuff (124) 7 snap pouch, one double drawstring pouch, 4 brocade pouch

Total as a Household = 3664 handed off

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